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Jan 20





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The Knightcast episode 22 :My first Linux Desktop

Jan 18

The Knightcast episode 22 'My first Linux Desktop'

Direct link to the show :


Join us this week as we dive into the world of Tux and meet our first new years resolution head on : Learning to use LINUX on your desktop. Listen to pointers and tricks in choosing the right hard- and software, what distribution to use, how to install it and where to get extra goodies and information.


  • Part one : Why Linux.
  • Disposing some urban legends about Linux.
  • Choosing the right Linux Distribution.

  • Part Two :
  • Choosing the right hardware.
  • Downloading the Cd's.
  • Installing the system.

  • Listener feedback.
  • Signoff

Send feedback to the usual address : Knightwise @ or skype us on KNIGHTWISE.

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A nice evening at home.

Jan 16

A nice evening at home. Some people think I'm behind the computer all day and all night. Well .. I'm not. I do enjoy occasional evenings at home where the computer is nothing more then a slight humming noise in the background. Or in yesterdays case : the source of romatic chilled down music. As droodles from the Itunes visualiser filled the screen of Nyana's Mac mini… we chilled out, listened to music .. took some candles and had a wonderfull evening together. And with the digital camera at hand I was able to shoot of this wonderfull picture of Nyana in all her innocent delicate beauty. Sometimes you realy realy KNOW you are the luckiest guy alive and that there is more to life then the cutting edge of real and cyberspace….

BUT 🙂 … This story sounded awefully familiar. :

The IT Superhero. "A gentle warning to young or up-and-coming IT professionals: keep your professional identity a secret! Guard your privacy like a superhero, because before you can say "what do you mean reboot?", you'll be the neighborhood troubleshooter, constantly on call to save the day." Read up on this great article about a Linux programmer mestaken for the Microsoft computer messias every day… As an IT consultant mysellf .. this is hilariously familiar.
The full article

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Steve Jobs and Knightwise fight it out.

Jan 13

Me and Steve fight it out. Its not once .. but twice that it has happened. The Knightcast and Steve Jobs lock horns in combat and prepare to shove it out untill the weakest link dives off a cliff. Well… not realy .. but its kinda this way. Way back in the beginning of the Knightcast podcast (i believe it was show nr 1) I had spent hours preparing a project for the show to let you select your latest downloaded podcasts and copy them to seperate location so you could access them from anywhere. You wanna know what happens ? 2 days after I do that show .. Steve launches the new Itunes .. that does excactly THAT .. all inside its own interface.

Last week we bring you the show about the ipod video. Spend hours on line finding and testing all kinds of cool itunes software (most crossed platform and free) to help you make nice video's for your Ipod.. AND A-FREAKING-GAIN Steve makes a new version of Itunes… That does exactly that .. Al from inside the program interface. Forget everything I said about podner or what have you.. If you have a file that quicktime recognizes and that is in your music library ? Right-click-to-convert. But you still wanna hang on to those other links i posted ..cause you never now.

The question I pose mysellf. Is Steve copying me ? Or .. Am i so brilliant that great minds think alike .. but I don"t have 10 000 programmers to make a product out of it .. Or am I indeed hearing exactly 'what the users want to make their computers WORK for THEM' (and the apple team is also very tuned into this 'vibe') .. Well in any scenario its flattering for me .. allthough I am not getting as rich as I should..

Lol .. only kidding my friends .. but is is a coincidence that it has happened twice… Oh sweet nemesis !
I'm off for a great weekend , got some dancing to do tomorrow as we go to Kerkrade to shake our bun-buns at the local "soul night". Digital camera at hand you will see the first first-person-swing-em-up arcade game not available on your psp 🙂

Have a great weekend !!!

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5 Random tech links.

Jan 12

Just before I'm off to work .. a few links to keep you guyz and girls occupied today.

  • Star wars the movie AT WORK ! *

What would you think about watching STAR WARS a new hope AT WORK on a 468 pc ?
you can ! Just open your dos box (or if you are on mac or linux , your command shell) and type this one in : telnet

Its hilarious !

  • 25 reasons for open source*

A pretty boring article .. but full of nice info is THIS one.

If you are ever conered into a open source argument : here are 25 arguments to help your case.

  • Windows security for deadbeats.

Perhaps i'm gonna do a podcast about this one but its very worth the read anyway . Sick and tired of having to explain to end users how to de-spyware / and virusclean their pc's ? Here is the basic Windows security guide for computer dumbo's !

  • *The Google Pack*

And for those of you who want some nice free software : Google has released the GOOGLE PACK ! You know how we love the freeware / open source stuff check out the list of free tools : Google Pack

  • *ultimate boot cd*

And to round it all up : Download this baby , burn it , and put it in the glove compartment of your car : cause you never know when you might need it: The ultimate boot cd is a selection of tools to fix that broken pc ! Ultimate Boot Cd

  • Comments!

    Thanks for linking to GeeksAreSexy..
    Btw, if you liked UBCD, you might also want to have a look at ubcd4win.
    Have a great day! Kiltak

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