What is Knightwise.com?
Knightwise.com is a website with hacks tips and tweaks for cross platform geeks.  The home of the Knightwise.com cross platform podcast that makes technology work for you and not the other way around. A place to go for all geeks who slide between Mac, iOS, Android, Linux and Windows offering an essential  mix of hacks, tips, howto’s and tweaks spiced up with a dash of geek culture.

What is our philosophy?
In our daily lives, on the internet, whether we want it or not, hundreds of new inventions, thousands of websites and millions of bits of information engulf us as the tsunami of progress sweeps along the shores of time.
[quote type=”center”]You have the choice:  Be washed away on by the virtual surf  or turn technology into a tool that works for you.[/quote]
Here at Knightwise.com we think that YOU are the most important element in the technology that surrounds you. Technology should enable you and not lock you in to some vendor or product. That is why we focus on “cross platform solutions” that work on any operating system or mobile device you might be using, making YOU and what you want to DO the focus of our content. We don’t believe in fanboys, we don’t believe in vendor lock-ins and we don’t believe in brands. We cater to the geeks who slide from operating system to operating system, free their data and communications and let technology work for them … instead of the other way around.

The Knightwise.com Podcast
“Knightwise.com” is a podcast  that can be downloaded for free via itunes or any other podcast-client. You can also listen on the website. In our shows we talk about technology, tips & tricks and how to use it. For example: How to turn your USB-stick into a mobile office. How to use your laptop to get on line everywhere … How to use the internet to your fullest advantage and how to change your lifestyle to let that technology work for you. We offer both audio (podcast) and video (screencast) episodes where we “show” you how its done. We offer narrated tutorials or on site reports and  show you how we do it and how its all done. We review the latest gadgets and once in a while go completely off track and entertain you with some of our “off topic” specials.

The Crew behind Knightwise.com: Knightwise and Niejana

Born in November of 1974 in a small town called Rijkhoven in the east of Belgium , Knightwise was the youngest of three sons of a local beer salesman and his wife. A vivid imagination and a love for all things space and sci-fi where already present in his childhood years. Either roaming the fields playing out imaginary space adventures or cramming his nose into a science book… the stars where never far of.  An interest in writing was stimulated at the age of ten when, after writing articles for the local school paper, Knightwise was presented with a small award for one of his essays. The love for journalism grew and at the age of eleven, along with a friend from school, Knightwise published a small town gazette featuring local news, games and his own column.

Mobile sound-and-light club system
At the age of 18 came the first big encounter with music in general. After tinkering around with an old radio-shack mixing board and a record player and a brainstorming session with two friends DYNAMIC SOUND CONTROL was born. This mobile sound-and-light club system offered them the chance to explore their musical creativity and take to the stage. Playing parties in local town halls, private venues or even at the Castle of
Alden Biesen … DYNAMIC SOUND CONTROL had 8 glorious years where it grew from humble beginnings to a full blown time-consuming hobby.

The first steps in radio broadcasting were taken at VRD in nearby Diepenbeek where Knightwise produced several shows like ‘Knightmoves’ and together with his fellow DJ collegue Stefan “Party-NamX”. A strong interest in computers and Cyberspace prompted the proposal to the station to start a radio program about IT-related topics. Since the time was far from ripe for a concept of this matter the idea was shelved and about a year later Knightwise left VRD altogether.

First website
In 2000 the first version of the Knighwise.com website came on line … Just a few pictures, lots of text and an insight into the everyday life of Knightwise, nothing more, nothing less. A more dynamic version came in December of 2000 when along with cyberbuddy Swift a website-war ensued throwing content back and forth between the maisonswift website and the knightwise.com website. In 2002 the knightwise.com domain was claimed and site switched its focus towards technology and was overhauled to serve up its content in English only.

In October of 2004 Knightwise discovered podcasting. While accidently listening to the webtalkguys Knightwise overheard an interview with  Adam Curry and not much later subscribed to ‘The Daily Sourcecode’ Being a good cyber-citizen he spent allmost six months listening and learning all he could about podcasting before taking to the podosphere-stage in june 2005 with the first episode of ‘the knightcast’. In 2006 Knightwise teamed up with Dave Gray to become a Co-host on the Global Geek Podcast that later became the Aussie Geek Podcast. Today you can also listen to their bi-weekly antics as Dave, Keith and Knightwise Ramble away on the AGP.

Perfect synergy
Knightwise.com provides the perfect synergy between Knightwises various interest. Music,Technology, Broadcasting and Journalism are combined into the flaming ball of content you see before you.

[quote type=”center”]But why not “Listen” to the history of Knightwise.com? As a special episode in season 2 of the Knightwise.com podcast the episode “The man behind the shades” was produ

But why not “Listen” to the history of Knightwise.com?
As a special episode in season 2 of the Knightwise.com podcast the episode “The man behind the shades” was produced. This one hour podcast deals with the entire backstory behind Knightwise.com and how Knightwise became to be … Knightwise. in our episode: The man behind the shades