20 year old man stabs and kills 1 adult, 2 babies and injures ten more in daycare centre.

Today I bow my head in shame. Shame shock and awe. Somehow unable to process the events that took place in our little country. Ashamed to be Belgian, Shocked at what happened. Speechless to mouth any words that could sooth the suffering of all those involved. The dawn of Januari the 24st awakens us in a different world. A world that has perhaps lost a part of its "safe surroundings". A world that seems to have lost part of its sanity. While some parents might be awakened by the screams of their hungry youngster.. There are others that may awaken to the terrible sound of silence. That will find pacifiers on the counter, but no use for them any more. Each of the thousands of memories of their child, cutting up their soul like glass.

Somewhere in a police station awakens a young man. His face still painted white, his eyes rimmed with dark makeup. On his lower arm he spots a dried bloodstain, overlooked when he washed his hands after his actions. The blood is that of a 2 year old baby he stabbed last morning. His throat hurts from the hours of interrogation he went through yesterday, after the police plucked him from his bicycle. When asked for his name he has given them three allready. When questioned he mocked the men in blue by giving them false answers.  He feels light somehow. The weight of the bullet proof vest he wore has been lifted as they took it away from him. Together with a backpack full of knives.  This is the 20 year old man that shocked the reality of a nation. On Januari 24th 2009 at ten AM he entered a daycare facility in Dendermonde. Out of nowhere he pulled a knife and started stabbing . One 50 year old caretaker tried to stop him. She fell at his blade. 2 more babies suffered the same faith. Their lives whisked away by his cold steel. Their innocence hushed out like a candle in a storm. As pandemonium ensued he managed to stab 10 more babies before fleeing the crime scene on his bicycle. Exactly one year ago Heith Ledger committed suicide.

We watch this young man in his cell. His giggles , jibberish talk and his makeup .. make him look like "the joker".

This is not fiction, this is not a short story, this is cold and hard reality. A reality that has forever changed this nation and our beliefs in safety and security. This drama unfolded in my own little country yesterday. One cannot begin to comprehend the how and the why. One can only shudder with fear and loathing at what has transpired. As the media circus unfolded and parents rushed back to the daycare centre to pick up their child… Some found it unharmed, Others found their child stabbed and wounded. 4 parents found that they had lost their child. 

I have no words for this insanity and will let the pictures speak for themselves.  Read the full article in English HERE.

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Yes I am addicted to Nano.

Once again, a little time on the road in between one assignment and the next to gobble up some food and whip up the Netbook for a short writing session. After listening to several podcasts over the last few weeks where people babbled on and on about their favorite text editor, note taking software and cloud-based office-replacement, i feel embarrassed to disclose on what fancy piece of software I am rattling out this little post.

As openoffice and abiword watch me (no doubt fuming with anger) as I type away on my favorite text editor of choice, i hear their taunts. “Primitive, quaint, no spell checker, no text layout” .. and a slew of foul names is but all what comes from their mouthes. True : My little text editor of choice is by far as featured or as advanced as these applications, but yet I find it blisfully simple to type in.

Yes .. my name is Knightwise and i’m typing this in nano. Nano ! The blissful changeling that nuked out VI in the Ubuntu distributions. My personal lord of simplicity when it comes to working with and even creating textfiles. From logfiles to conf-files to blogposts. Nano is the thing for me . its quick and easy interface,  its soothing command line home and its CTRL-X to close option is so wonderful to work with and so fantastically un-alien like its cousin VI (i HATE vi)

So today I salute all of those who said they loved WP 5.1 over Word 2007. As clippy’s ribbons, wizzards and rulers are absent from my screen the only focus of my existence is … my own words.

Thank the matrix for Nano

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Using Easy Peasy Linux on my Netbook.

With a few minutes to spare before I have to be on my first appointment for the day, its perfect timing to test my latest toy. Of course i’ve had my Acer Aspire one for quite a while, but yesterday I blew away the old Ubuntu 8.04 / XP dual boot situation on the machine, and went for a fresh install. Googling around a little bit had brought be well written out answers of what one needed to do to get Ubuntu Intrepid working without a glitch on the Acer Aspire One. Most of the things would work out of the box while others needed extra tinkering (read Copy-pasting from the howto into the command line and praying one knew what one was doing.) But being in an exceptionally lazy mood I thought I was not going to go down that path tonight. Too much of my time is spent reinstalling operating systems or tinkering with Linux to get it “working right” and for once, I was looking for an “out of the box fix”

This fix came in the form if “Easy Peasy” Linux, (formally called EEEbuntu but re branded for issues of … well legal stuff). Easy peasy linux said to offer the ability to install a pre-packed version of Ubuntu 8.10, supporting the major netbooks out there. Who was I to pass up on the offer of testing a new OS with the convenience of being able to have once netbook installed out-of-the-box. So I downloaded the ISO from their website and went looking for the application ‘unetbootin’ enabling you to take an ISO, write it to a usb stick and boot it from there. Just a little tinkering (i had to make the script “executable” to get it to work) and before I knew it I was running the whole shebang of my big-ass memory stick. (for you Windows bunnies out there : there is also a Unetbootin application for windows) It does make me wonder if I could make a bootable version of an XP install Cd or another version of Linux using this app. Hmm.. must test this.

Back to business. Easy Peasy boots up as a live cd, offering you the full netbook shwagg ( With the simple “Optimus” launcher etc) and starts the installer automatically. ” Next Next Next ” is the answer to most of the questions (unless you have forgotten in what country you live, in that case you need to get out more). Just the question of partitioning had me intervene with the presented option. Since i’m running it on an SSD drive and I was told extensive swapping is bad for the soul (erm .. Drive that is) I disabled the swap partition , hoping that the 1.5 gig of system ram would do it for me.

After the installation EVERYTHING worked ! Wireless, sound , network, even the flash plug-ins and restricted extra’s came out of the box. Sure I had some tweaking to do (disabling the “auto setup” from the sessions menu and getting rid of the “optimus menu” cause I don’t like it) but for the rest of the matter : this was a well written distro. Albeit alittle slow on the wifi side (must be the driver) but for the rest ? love it !

So this is for me how Ubuntu should be packaged. Yes you purists, its not a “pure Ubuntu” Some of you Stallmann fans might be shouting “foul and non free is your soul you sinner” but since my stuff worked right out of the box you can go stuff yourselves. While you compile your puritan ways from source, I am done for the day and am of to go and make passionate love with a real girl up in my bedroom. Eat that nerds.

So : Easy Peasy  ? Supah Simple ! Mucho Bueno ! Get it HERE.

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According to Wikipedia A hybrids are mythological creatures combining body parts of more than one real species. They can be classified as partly human hybrids (such as mermaids or centaurs), and non-human hybrids combining two or more animal species (such as the griffin). Hybrids are often zoomorphic deities in origin who acquire an anthropomorphic aspect over time.

Now this article is not that much about mermaids or Centaurs, but more about operating systems. This morning (even before we dashed out for our morning walk) I dove down into my underground laboratory for some state of the art gene-splicing.  Crossbreeding operating systems was not an easy task to do but by the time my second cappuchino had been consumed I was ready to storm out of my laboratory yelling ‘ ITS ALIVE ‘ while holding my notebook skyward.  But seriously. Here is what really happened. Yesterday I was complaining on twitter that I missed my Macbook Pro (its still in the shop for repairs) and one of my cool buddies TECHANDLIFE ( www.techandlife.com ) shot me a Tweet with a howto on turning your Ubuntu into an OSX look-and-feel machine using THIS howto. The manual explains how to download the Mac4lin package to provide your Ubuntu install with the needed theme, icons and mouse pointers to give it an "Mac look and feel" But it goes a little further by using packages that are available in Linux like Screenlets and Compiz to turn your machine into something that realy feels like a mac. 



But you know me ! 🙂 Why stop at an imitation if you can go even further. So I have spent the remains of my morning tinkering and tuning with the Screenlet ‘widgets’ and the various compis-fusion settings to go beyond the " design limitations " provided by this manual. So right now I have a machine that could hardly be named "a ubuntu box" any more. Neither would it answer the call if you called it an OSX. Its kind of something in-between , and it runs on my Work-Dell machine (A D820 with a screen res of 1900 by 1200 !). In true form result is a little more then the sum of just its parts. Its a hybrid, no a "sinergy" of the power of an intell based computer (that is designed to run XP) an open source operating system (ubuntu), the OSX look and feel interface and the addition of the standard ‘web technology’ that I use everyday (Twitter, Firefox, Gmail, etc etc). A very nice experiment indeed. 

So if you want to go and try it out : Use the manual , but please : Don’t stop there. Go beyond and build your own little operating environment and become a cross-platform user in the true sense of the word. Who ever said that operating systems needed to differ in look, feel and mode of operation ? Fire up the creative furnice of your imagination and create your own melting pot of 

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De – Cell – Aration.

Our Cellphones. We carry them with us everywhere. No matter where
people are, what they are doing. In church, on a forest walk, in the
bathtub .. never are they without their little mobile companion that
lets them speak to the world and lets the world stay in touch with
them. This little box with 10 digits gives them the combination to Dial
almost anyone in the world and set up a 2 way full duplex
conversation. When you think of the medium per-é its a pretty crappy
job. The technology of the telephone is over a hundred years old, and
all you end up with is a medium quality conversation (voice only) with
the other person. Sure, sending text messages (with that 10-digit
keyboard) and even shooting a little picture and sending it over the
air .. those are possibilities that have popped up over the years.. But
when you think of it : Cellphone communications are primitive, limited
and (when you have an international posse) very expensive.

over the last few weeks I have done a little experiment.
I configured
my voicemail to give out the message that people could leave a
voicemail, but would be better off sending me an email that would
arrive on my blackberry instead.  (The cellphone number of my
blackberry is fairly unknown to most people, so I don’t get a lot of
direct calls on there) Next I turned my personal cellphone to "Silent",
plugged it in the charger .. And left it there.

We are now 3
weeks into the experiment
and the number of missed calls on my personal
(parked) cellphone have decreased dramatically. The number of emails I
receive on my blackberry, from people who would otherwise just ring my
cell, have increased. Sure there are some messages left on the
voicemail (even the occasional SMS) but after being unable to ring me a
few times people get the general idea they need to send me an Email if
they want to get in touch with me.

The trick here is to reply to
those emails immediately
( Even if its only an ‘OK i got your message’)
so people know they can reach you that way. And by persisting in this
way of handling my personal communications, I’m slowly but sure
shifting my ‘com chatter’ from the analogue to the digital.

cool thing is that this behaviour swings both ways.
More and more do I
use the Internet to communicate to people who are otherwise not in my
"digital circle". Sure , my podcasting buddies, twitter friends and my
extended "Internet family" have been used to communicating via Email
and other digital means with me. The problem was my "analogue circle",
people who saw me face to face regularly, used to be able to ring me on
my cell for some support, some question or just to chat. People like
ones mom, ones close family.  By persisting in this use of my personal
cellphone they are slowly but surely switching over to the digital

My Blackberry (bless the device) is doing all it can to
facilitate this.
The push email option from my Inbox to my cellphone
makes that Email is now THE fastest way to get in touch with me. Nyana
and I rarely speak on the phone and do 90% of our over the air
communications via the web. I have also installed my twitter client,
turning my twitter feed into a direct medium as well. Direct messages
get pushed to the blackberry and I see entire conversations beginning
to evolve over Twitter. There is of course Googletalk (the blackberry
client) as a direct message channel and I need to get MSN Messenger on
there too. (i would love to have SKYPE for Blackberry, not for voice,
but just to chat to my Skype posse). 

But the one application
that has brought the "analogue circle" closer to my digital realm is ..
Facebook !
Adding close friends and family to Facebook AND installing
the Facebook App on my Blackberry has made a big difference. Wall posts,
comments, direct messages.. They all get pushed to my Blackberry and
give me the option to reply right away. That way we found out that my
sis – in – law was looking for a new home for Kira the cat. I saw the
update, replied and 20 minutes later we had setup an appointment to go
and pick her up .. All from my Blackberry.

So : Who needs a
cellphone anyway.
Its embarrassing to use in public, quality is shitty ,
its very very expensive and I don’t like it one little bit. If you
really want to get hold of me .. You know where to go. Now put down the
phone and get behind your computah !



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Watch out : We are moving.

moveWell, the new year is nicely in full swing as I come wandering along with my first post of 2009.

To be quite honest, I’m not really sure if you are going to be able to
read this because at this moment, my hosting company responsible for
the up (and down) time of the knightwise.com is really making a mockery.
But I’m getting ahead of myself. First of all I would like to start of
by wishing all of you a happy new year and may all that is good and
glorious cross your path in the next 356 days. I am not one to make new
years resolutions, nor am I the kind of person that dares to "predict’
just what the coming year is going to bring. I am a creature that
floats in linear time. Yesterday is merely a set of memories, tomorrow
harbors infinite combinations of possible outcomes and the only
fleeting impression we have of the world around us , is at this very
moment.. The present.

"Maiden white as this screen is the future to all of us. Waiting for the
next character we enter. Paused at the blinking cursor of the now, I
can only read back on what I have written and ponder on what is to come."

The past then : Well , the new year started of very well with my own
Macbook Pro becoming the victim of a deadly cocktail : My own
clumsiness mixed with the inevitable presence of gravity. As i was
recovering from my modest new years celebration I had perched myself
onto our sofa and had the Macbook pro on my lap (closed). Since it was
suffering from battery deprivation syndrome I decided to pick up the
wire of the power supply that was on the floor. Before I knew it, the
tilted surface of my lap became an empty place as my laptop slid off
and fell on the floor. Merely 20 centimeters separated my lap from the
floor, but the Macbook Pro impacted on the tiles with the left lower
corner first, and tipped over to fall flat on its closed display lid
afterwards. The result : No structural damage whatsoever, but
unfortunately both the hard drive and the LCD display suffered damage.
The new year had only started a few hours and my Macbook Pro was ready
for the apple store. Bummer.  Resulting new years resolution ? Hook up
an external USB drive to serve as a Time machine drive. I had backed up
most of the data on the Macbook pro, but had not yet gotten down to
moving the recorded instructional videos i made the day before, to a
safe place. Backup backup backup !

Since the incident I’ve been relying on my Acer aspire One to offer me
its services as my main system. So far i am very pleased. The
combination of my command line experience (using the terminal to run
apps like Alpine for email, Centerim for instant messaging and IRSSI
for IRC) combined with tabs in the terminal window, tabbed browsing in
firefox and multiple virtual desktops, make up for the lack fo screen
size the device offers. I have also noticed that the command line way
of working is much easier when it comes down to working with the
device. Where the small touch pad could appear to be clunky and
awkward, just using the little keyboard and some keyboard shortcuts
helps me to be very productive on the little device. Add an apple might
mouse to the mix (with a small scroll ball and short cable) and you
have quite and interesting device. Not as powerful as my Macbook Pro ,
but surely much more portable. Even watching video’s stored on the SD
card or streaming them from the NAS works like a charm. Ubuntu does run
like a dream on this little machine.

Benesol.be Blows.

However the other thing keeping me awake these days is (as I mentioned
before) my current hosting company. Many of you have reported problems
with the Knightwise.com website over the last few weeks. Failing SQL
database servers, corrupt SQL databases, large unreported downtimes and
so forth. It was edging towards the point where it just was not funny
anymore and I started resenting the whole thing. The comments section
got spammed like you would not believe, things did not work anymore and
stuff like that. I didn’t even want to login to the websites control
panel just because I loathed having to fix yet another problem , or
even worse , finding out that the site was down (again). Yesterday was
the final straw. The SQL database became corrupt at 9 am ( taking the
3000+ posts down) and was restored in the afternoon. When I got home at
night the whole database was empty ! There was NOTHING in it anymore. I
was furious.

So I have taken up an account at Bluehost and am in the process of
(thanks to the help of Codemonkey Rob) moving everything away from my
current hosting company. The hosting formula at Bluehost offer me more
storage capability so I might even be able to do something special. Who
am I kidding " might be able ". For the first time I have the chance to
put ALL of my content on line (all the 38 episodes of the previous
season, the 20 episodes of this season and of course the KWTV
episodes.) So I’m planning and scheming to get everything moved over,
upgraded, cleaned out and in order for the coming year.  Being able to
put all my stuff in one place and use one "master" rss feed to push out
my content has given me a lot more motivation to carry on and produce
more content.

I’ll keep you guyz and girls posted on how it goes, but in the meantime
it might be a little "silent" here at the site. No worries, you can
look me up on facebook or twitter if you need to find me. Now stand
back .. we have a site to move.

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