… Down for the count…

I come to you today with a little bad news for you cross platform geeks who like nothing more then to slide from OS to OS , letting technology work for you. In the coming week(s) you’ll have to do without your daily dose of articles as I’m gonna be out for the count a little while.

Last week I encountered some health issues. I wish I could say it was something trivial and there is nothing to worry about, but that would not be totally truthful. I’ve just spent a week in hospital and am packing up for another series of examinations and tests this afternoon. (and i’m not completely sure if they are gonna keep me overnight or if I get to go home afterwards). This last week has been pretty scary for both me and my family and we are not completely out of the woods yet. I’m a lucky man to have a fantastic wife and a loving family who are right behind me in all of this.

The thing is that although I feel fine ( Not to worry : Good old KW is still here ) I will have to take it slow for the next couple of weeks and focus on taking things slow and getting better. That means you have to go without me for a little while, both here and on the social-media-scape, but not to worry. When I’ll be back I’ll make a big stink and all of you will surely know about it. I’m not going anywhere :).

So bear with me as I ride this one out and let the docks apply the patches and do the hacking a little while … I’ll be fine and I’ll be back…  So don’t worry if you don’t catch and new posts in your feeds, just stay subscribed.

See you Wiseguys Soon.


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Kwtv306 : Installing and SSD into a Macbook Air.

Its tinker time again as we swap out a spinning 4200 RPM harddrive from my 2.1 Macbook air and swap it out with a 60 gigabyte SSD Drive from A good howto, some smart tips, a cameo from scotty and a speedrace. All of that and more in this weeks KWTV.


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Kc305 : "Running your own home Linux Server".

In this episode we give you some ideas and possibilities when it comes to building your own home Linux server. While putting an old clunker back to good use or using a VM, we give you tips and tricks on using the command line, CLI applications, web based interfaces remote desktop sessions or even terminal servers. Let technology work for you and build your own home linux server with this podcast as your loyal companion.


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Kwtv304 : "Reviewing the Zoogue iPad Cases".

This week we talk about the line of Zoogue products to keep your gadgets safe. We review the different Zoogue iPad cases, carry cases and accessories, how they look like and how they hold up the test of time.


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The essential collection of Cross Platform "Cheat Sheets."

There is a command line command to top up my bank account with an almost infinite amount of cash. The only thing is .. i forgot what it is.  Like keyboard shortcuts, command line commands are awesome and can save you a lot of time. BUT you need to remember them. Sure things like CTRL V and CTRL C are easy to remember, just like commands like ‘ls’ and “sudo apt-get update” because we use them on an almost daily basis. But what about the others ? One way to remember your power commands is with some cheat sheets ( I dare you ! Say “cheat sheet” 10 times , really fast) So click the links below and remember that cheating is allowed .. this time.

General Linux Command line Cheat Sheet.

Ubuntu Cheat Sheet.

OSX Command line Cheat Sheet.

Windows command line Cheat Sheet.

Ultimate collection of cheat sheets ever made, including the one to reboot the universe.



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Track of the week : Terpene by Carbon Based Lifeforms.

We close up the hectic week with a great track from “Carbon Based Lifeforms” When I’m not listening to podcasts in the car, I usually switch to some downbeat music to chill me out and make the drive to work a little more bearable. My monday morning routine does require me to ONLY listen to music on the first commute of the week  and one of the tracks I’ve been playing over and over is this one : Terpene. You can’t talk about food and you can’t write about music. So just hit play and chill out.

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Find duplicates in your iTunes library and think long and hard what to do with them

My hairdresser ( of all people ) came to me with an interesting question. He had 14 copies of Michael Jackson. I suggested he would start hiding his children, but it turned out he referred to his iTunes library. These 14 duplicate songs resided in several playlists throughout his massive library. His question was ” how do I track and remove duplicate songs ? “. My counterquestion was ” why should you want to ? ”

Tracking and deleting duplicate songs in iTunes is a doozy. The system is however flawed. Lets say we deleted 12 of the 13 instances of ‘Billy Jean’ out of iTunes. This would give us just one remaining playlist where the track remains and 12 others that have been ” Billy Jean lobotomized.”
This would have devastating results for the Billy Jean play count and would push a track so great that 13 different cd’s, albums and playlists decided to include it. Billy Jean would become an obscure track, only residing in the one untouched playlist.

If iTunes worked right it would delete the 12 duplicates but would “link” the gaps to the remaining tracks, that would be the only logical course of action leaving the user experience intact. But in the end the question is : Why would we want to delete them. With an average mp3 track at 3 meg and the average harddrive at a terrabyte .. Why bother ?

Still : the people behind Apples support article on “how to delete duplicate tracks from iTunes” still have some thinking to do.
Link :

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Meet Scott Sigler : Internet Superstar Horror Author.

A long time ago, when podcasting was still young, I found out about a writer who was nuts. This author, instead of just writing his book, decided to narrate every chapter and publish it as a podcast BEFORE the book got published. The first book – podcast series he did was called “infected” about a young football player who is infected by an alien spore that turns him violent. A vivid memory in my imagination is getting goosebumps all over as I was listening to one very well written graphical scene in the book .. while the actual outside temperature was 30 degrees C. Telling you about the books and about the author is pointless. You just have to listen to some of the books. Earthcore, Infected, Contaigon, Ancestor, Nocturnal … these titles are not only available as books and ebooks but also as free audio podcasts .. That you cannot miss out on. Scott is a master in reading his on work, getting the voices of every character just right .. Scaring the crap out of any listener an entertaining you for hours. Find them HERE. (and if you dare : watch the video interview with the dark overlord himself)

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