… Down for the count…

Jun 29

I come to you today with a little bad news for you cross platform geeks who like nothing more then to slide from OS to OS , letting technology work for you. In the coming week(s) you’ll have to do without your daily dose of articles as I’m gonna be out for the count a little while.

Last week I encountered some health issues. I wish I could say it was something trivial and there is nothing to worry about, but that would not be totally truthful. I’ve just spent a week in hospital and am packing up for another series of examinations and tests this afternoon. (and i’m not completely sure if they are gonna keep me overnight or if I get to go home afterwards). This last week has been pretty scary for both me and my family and we are not completely out of the woods yet. I’m a lucky man to have a fantastic wife and a loving family who are right behind me in all of this.

The thing is that although I feel fine ( Not to worry : Good old KW is still here ) I will have to take it slow for the next couple of weeks and focus on taking things slow and getting better. That means you have to go without me for a little while, both here and on the social-media-scape, but not to worry. When I’ll be back I’ll make a big stink and all of you will surely know about it. I’m not going anywhere :).

So bear with me as I ride this one out and let the docks apply the patches and do the hacking a little while … I’ll be fine and I’ll be back…  So don’t worry if you don’t catch and new posts in your feeds, just stay subscribed.

See you Wiseguys Soon.


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Kwtv306 : Installing and SSD into a Macbook Air.

Jun 21

Its tinker time again as we swap out a spinning 4200 RPM harddrive from my 2.1 Macbook air and swap it out with a 60 gigabyte SSD Drive from A good howto, some smart tips, a cameo from scotty and a speedrace. All of that and more in this weeks KWTV.


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Happy Birthday @Niejana

Jun 11

Please join us today as we wish my beloved wife and pinnacle of the awesomeness a happy 35th birthday !!!



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