Daddy : What does an AT-AT look like on the inside ?

One of these days you are bound to have offspring (yes nerdy boys, even you) and if you have any parental geek skills in your body, you and whatever kid you spawn will one day be watching Star Wars. After you have secretly thrown out “The phantom menace” dubbing it “George Lucas’ biggest boo boo” you zip right trough to episode 4 and of course 5 : “The empire strikes back”. Just like the question of the birds and the bees will pop up some day , so will this one : “Daddy : what does that big AT-AT look like on the inside ? ” With the diagram below .. the awkward moment of trying to explain that one .. will be a “walk” in the park. (click the pic for the fullscreen pic)


For those illiterate who do not now what an AT AT walker is … Go here.

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Tablet Wallpaper of the week : Blood in the snow.

If you are looking for a geeky (or plain nerdy) wallpaper for your desktop this week, take a crack at one of these. I shot them last year as a little tribute to Irvin Kershner, the director of  “Star Wars, The empire strikes back.” It was snowy outside. I had some action figures .. and a camera. You know how those things go. Click on the image for larger sizes.

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