KW901 : Star Wars Fanday.

Sep 16

Welcome back to season 9 of where we kick off with another geeky video documentary. We head out to Belgiums best Retro Toystore as the Star Wars fanclub organises their annual fanday. We talk to the owner about retro toys and collectors, interview the people from Teekay-421 and talk to the troopers. (And did I mention we got shot ? )

If you got this video through our RSS feed, remember that you can pick up the high resolution version via our Youtube Channel or right here on the website.


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Tablet Wallpaper of the week : Blood in the snow.

May 27

If you are looking for a geeky (or plain nerdy) wallpaper for your desktop this week, take a crack at one of these. I shot them last year as a little tribute to Irvin Kershner, the director of  “Star Wars, The empire strikes back.” It was snowy outside. I had some action figures .. and a camera. You know how those things go. Click on the image for larger sizes.

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