The Geek survival pack for social gatherings : The Facebook Cheat Sheet.

Feb 25

With more and more people flooding to Facebook it is only a matter of time before us geeks can no longer wander through the streets without “norms” clambering up to us … cellphones in hand .. mumbling questions of “How do I do this on Facebook ? ” Like a scene from the popular TV show “The Walking Dead”… us Geeks are the last surviving Humans, beholding the sacred knowledge of the Interwebs, while countless others stumble around in ignorance and .. try to pick our brain !  So instead of a flamethrower, here is another way of defending yourself. Instead of explaining over and over how Facebook works : Just hand them the “Facebook Cheat Sheet” from the “Dummies” series of books. 

One of the lesser known secrets to man is that, with every “Dummies” book there is an online cheat sheet available to help you “remember” how things are done. This “Facebook Cheat Sheet” is just one of the many examples. Hopefully it will help you at the next family dinner … if not .. you can still build your own flamethrower.

Links : The Facebook Cheat Sheet. 

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The essential collection of Cross Platform "Cheat Sheets."

Jun 09

There is a command line command to top up my bank account with an almost infinite amount of cash. The only thing is .. i forgot what it is.  Like keyboard shortcuts, command line commands are awesome and can save you a lot of time. BUT you need to remember them. Sure things like CTRL V and CTRL C are easy to remember, just like commands like ‘ls’ and “sudo apt-get update” because we use them on an almost daily basis. But what about the others ? One way to remember your power commands is with some cheat sheets ( I dare you ! Say “cheat sheet” 10 times , really fast) So click the links below and remember that cheating is allowed .. this time.

General Linux Command line Cheat Sheet.

Ubuntu Cheat Sheet.

OSX Command line Cheat Sheet.

Windows command line Cheat Sheet.

Ultimate collection of cheat sheets ever made, including the one to reboot the universe.



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