Meet Scott Sigler : Internet Superstar Horror Author.

Jun 05

A long time ago, when podcasting was still young, I found out about a writer who was nuts. This author, instead of just writing his book, decided to narrate every chapter and publish it as a podcast BEFORE the book got published. The first book – podcast series he did was called “infected” about a young football player who is infected by an alien spore that turns him violent. A vivid memory in my imagination is getting goosebumps all over as I was listening to one very well written graphical scene in the book .. while the actual outside temperature was 30 degrees C. Telling you about the books and about the author is pointless. You just have to listen to some of the books. Earthcore, Infected, Contaigon, Ancestor, Nocturnal … these titles are not only available as books and ebooks but also as free audio podcasts .. That you cannot miss out on. Scott is a master in reading his on work, getting the voices of every character just right .. Scaring the crap out of any listener an entertaining you for hours. Find them HERE. (and if you dare : watch the video interview with the dark overlord himself)

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