Dc204 "Installing and using SCREEN."

This manual is the first in a 4 part series in using some basic command line applications.
In this part of the series we focus on installing SCREEN, a terminal application for the Linux command line. Screen enables you to run several command line applications (in different shells) at the same time. ( And leave them running even if you disconnect from the shell, so you can re-connect later).
You can use screen on the “local” command line window on your linux system. ( working locally on the computer) or via an SSH connection if you have setup an SSH-server as we explained earlier on in the KWTV Screencasts : Episode one and  Episode two


  • Why Screen
  • Adding and removing shells.
  • Naming your windows.
  • Splitting your screen.
  • Other Commands.

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Holiday Snaps 2009 : Welcome to the Pay's D'oC.

For those of you who want to take a peek, here is the collection of this years holiday snaps. Like last year we headed out to the wonderful “Pay’s D’Oc” in the south of France to enjoy the sunshine and discover the history of the Cathars. So sit back and enjoy 233 snaps of Castles, Monuments, Beaches, Mountains .. and US.

Created with Admarket’s flickrSLiDR.


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Kc25 : "Free XP."

In this episode we will be talkingabout installing Windows XP on an “average” users system AND installingas many Free and/or open source applications as you can. The goal here is to create a ‘free’ system that gives the user a maximal amount of productivity WITHOUT having to resort to illegal copies, cracks or hacks to get things done. The point of this podcast is to show people that their are plenty of alternatives to commonly known (expensive) applications. If you know where to look you can have a ‘free’ Xp installation where the only money you hand over , is the one for your XP licence. All the rest .. is free.



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