The Knightcast Episode 24 : TV Nu-Vo

Feb 23
The Knightcast Episode 24 : TV Nu-Vo 

Summary :Join us in episode 24 as we search the net for free and high quality tv content. Throw out your remote and listen to whats been going on in my life and get ready for some TV-Inter-Tainment.Episode 24 " TV Nu-Vo"


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The Cat is after the mouse.

Feb 22


Maggie on the Ibook. Ok. Just a quick post from on the road. Above a nice picture of Maggie our cat hogging my ibook. Not only does this feline love to scratch his chin along this ibook, he also loves to WATCH what is going on on the screen. Whats op next ? Typing ???

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Press Announcement : The Knights are not moving.

Feb 20


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We are NOT moving. Okay , This is one of these times where you just HAVE to read the post. Because its our official press statement and we are so fed up with explaining everything all over and over again .. We just put in on the blog. Loyal listeners, readers and friends know that in march of last year , when we only moved in here for about 10 months, a real estate broker came over telling us they wanted to buy up our house because it was in the middle of an apartment complex they wanted to build.

The long wait. This started of 11 months of uncertainty as to where we were going to live, what was going to happen to our house, what our future home would be etc etc. Hours of lying awake in bed .. Thinking about what to do. Despair in not knowing where you are going to live.. Feeling out of place in your own house.. Hard negotiations with these real estate guys… until finally last October a deal fell trough. They offered us a brand new apartment in a town nearby.

Iffy. But until last friday everything remained iffy. We still had not received the paperwork to sign the deal. Uncertainty once more.. Was the deal going to go ahead ? Where they going to back out on the deal so we would have to negotiate all over again ? Where they setting us up ? What was going on. Uncertainty once more.

No Go ! Until last friday I got 'the call' The whole project had been scrapped. No giant apartment complex and no new apartment for us in Diepenbeek. So we are staying exactly where we are.I must say this is an enormous relief for us. We are a bit disappointed cause the new appartment looked fab (check out the fotos on the flickr page) BUT this is the house we chose , we renovated with the help of many many friends.. And THIS Is the place we want to stay. So now we can finaly finish up the renovations we started and make our home our home again. So YEEEEY !!!! The Knights are staying putt (for now).

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Suffering major analogue interference !

Feb 16

Where is the show ? I kneuw .. Where is the show.. What about the show ? When are you gonna do another show ? I know I know. It is frustrating and heartwarming to hear so many of you crave for your weekly dose of Knightcast. And rest assured .. She IS coming .. The show will come. Next week will be the latest date i'll air another show. And I also know what you are thinking. 'Knightwise has been off the pod-cast-ether for three weeks' .. What is going on ? Well .. I have my reasons .. unfortunately they are not lame excuses but … very good ones.

Busy. First of all .. i'm in-cre-dib-ly busy these days. Got after hours appointments .. Heavy workload at work (i"m training a trainee) .. Figuring out what the hell is up with our new apartment (The whole thing is becoming a soap Oprah) .. Got classes on saturday ( for work) and if that is not enough.. World war three just broke out with my family.

Where is home ? I seldom let people take a peek into my private life .. nor do I like to smear my personal problems on the digital frontpage of my website.. But let just say i'm not feeling top notch these days. The busy schedule is nothing. I mean .. I'm used to that .. The whole emotional roller-coaster ..that's the thing that nudges me off my own subnet so to speak.

If you would like details I apologize but i'm not going to share those. I'm not like that. However I would like to give you a sneak peak into what my feelings are these days. This website is about the edge of real and cyberspace .. And let us just assume that our well known digital Cavalier is experiencing some analogue interference.

Dawn. Mornings are the strangest times. After I wake .. undoubtedly from yet another weird dream featuring all the people I would not want to have in there .. I take a shower and wobble into the car like some crazed zombie .. Mind already on infinity. Once in the car I once again curse gently that I forgot my cappuchino. I pop my Ipod in the player but instead of listening to my daily dose of podcasts .. I just drive and think .. think .. think.. If I do want to force my mind of things I play a show and have to seriously push myself to remain concentrated to listen all the way. After a little while I ease into it and feel the warmth of all these familiar voices. They embrace me and take my mind of things ..

Sometimes I swear .. the sound like family to me.. Myself ? I'm far from the bubbly springy techno-Machiavelli that you are used to . I find it hard to focus on my own podcast and idea's. Reason ? Lots of them actually .. but the major one is : Where do I belong. Heavy stuff eh ? I'm having major rows with the family back home .. My mom, my brothers .. and the one feeling that stands out from all this is … I'm different.. Different from the nest that I sprang from. And it makes one wonder .. Where do I belong ? .. God .. this is beginning to look like some silly teenage livejournal posts that blab on and on…

I'll wrap it up in saying that i'm suffering from analogue interference . Its not that I cant get my agenda around the busy schedule. Its just that I have trouble getting my head (and heart) around all the other stuff thats going on. I somehow seem to be out of sync with my regular groove. Seem to have trouble finding the RSS feed of my daily routine. Got trouble compiling my good-and-groovy spirit into my daily desktop.
So bear with me a few more days my loyal friends and catch my ping if i'm back on the digital flip-side.

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Morning Thoughts for Valentine.

Feb 14

Morning Thoughts. Once again darkness surrounds me. In the silence of dawn only the slight rapping of my fingers over the black keyboard disturbs the murmurs of a waking world. I look around me and hope to find something to hold on to. Some stability in a life that is to divers complex and dramatic .. a soap opera writer would be happy for months to come. Whenever i try to subside the ripples in my pond yet another waterfall seems to whirl its way toward me. As dark water dances in the deep I think of the monsters beneath the surface. Blackened clouds of uncertainty that have tainted my mare tranquilatis in shades of gray for the last few months. Never do I seem to know when they will rear there ugly heads above the mirrored surface nor do I know if these dragons bring fame or failure.

Perhaps the one thing I have learned is that happiness is not something acquired by default. It is something that one must look for. Must treasure and must appreciate. Sweet are our moments of love and laughter. Cherished and loved are the memories of joy throughout times of despair. But that my friends is what life is all about. Finding flowers in the storm, delicate, beautiful, rare and precious. One must venture out into the world and embrace the howling wind in order to smell the flowers. One must never hide nor stand down to trade the challenges of life for a dull gray existence somewhere in a hole in the ground. Shunning from danger and from life itself.

I could raise my hands towards the icy sky and howl why me ? Why us ? But then again. The higher the waves of life's ocean .. The wilder the ride .. The deeper the sorrow .. The higher the joy. Everything is relative and … Before I wish upon a star that I would just like to have a normal life for a change… I shudder even more at the colorless drab existence then at the raging river our lives path has become.

So I gear up to face my dragons… My enemies.. My challenges and my kin. My sword rises valiantly into the misty dawn and once again I'm ready for another day. If one feels what one can lose.. One cherishes what one has. If one can feel the cold howling wind of sadness only then one can feel the warm fire of true love.

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