Where is the show ? I kneuw .. Where is the show.. What about the show ? When are you gonna do another show ? I know I know. It is frustrating and heartwarming to hear so many of you crave for your weekly dose of Knightcast. And rest assured .. She IS coming .. The show will come. Next week will be the latest date i'll air another show. And I also know what you are thinking. 'Knightwise has been off the pod-cast-ether for three weeks' .. What is going on ? Well .. I have my reasons .. unfortunately they are not lame excuses but … very good ones.

Busy. First of all .. i'm in-cre-dib-ly busy these days. Got after hours appointments .. Heavy workload at work (i"m training a trainee) .. Figuring out what the hell is up with our new apartment (The whole thing is becoming a soap Oprah) .. Got classes on saturday ( for work) and if that is not enough.. World war three just broke out with my family.

Where is home ? I seldom let people take a peek into my private life .. nor do I like to smear my personal problems on the digital frontpage of my website.. But let just say i'm not feeling top notch these days. The busy schedule is nothing. I mean .. I'm used to that .. The whole emotional roller-coaster ..that's the thing that nudges me off my own subnet so to speak.

If you would like details I apologize but i'm not going to share those. I'm not like that. However I would like to give you a sneak peak into what my feelings are these days. This website is about the edge of real and cyberspace .. And let us just assume that our well known digital Cavalier is experiencing some analogue interference.

Dawn. Mornings are the strangest times. After I wake .. undoubtedly from yet another weird dream featuring all the people I would not want to have in there .. I take a shower and wobble into the car like some crazed zombie .. Mind already on infinity. Once in the car I once again curse gently that I forgot my cappuchino. I pop my Ipod in the player but instead of listening to my daily dose of podcasts .. I just drive and think .. think .. think.. If I do want to force my mind of things I play a show and have to seriously push myself to remain concentrated to listen all the way. After a little while I ease into it and feel the warmth of all these familiar voices. They embrace me and take my mind of things ..

Sometimes I swear .. the sound like family to me.. Myself ? I'm far from the bubbly springy techno-Machiavelli that you are used to . I find it hard to focus on my own podcast and idea's. Reason ? Lots of them actually .. but the major one is : Where do I belong. Heavy stuff eh ? I'm having major rows with the family back home .. My mom, my brothers .. and the one feeling that stands out from all this is … I'm different.. Different from the nest that I sprang from. And it makes one wonder .. Where do I belong ? .. God .. this is beginning to look like some silly teenage livejournal posts that blab on and on…

I'll wrap it up in saying that i'm suffering from analogue interference . Its not that I cant get my agenda around the busy schedule. Its just that I have trouble getting my head (and heart) around all the other stuff thats going on. I somehow seem to be out of sync with my regular groove. Seem to have trouble finding the RSS feed of my daily routine. Got trouble compiling my good-and-groovy spirit into my daily desktop.
So bear with me a few more days my loyal friends and catch my ping if i'm back on the digital flip-side.

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