The Ubuntu Live Cd's :)

Feb 07

Ubuntu Cd's in the mail. Okay , i'm not gonna go off on another Ubuntu Linux Rant once again , cause quite frankly I haven't done didly squat with my Ubuntu laptop these last two days. But since I had ordered the cd's in the mail a few weeks ago I was pleasantly surprised to get a package in the mailbox 'the REAL mailbox' containing a copy of Ubuntu 5.10. Its like totaly for free , no shipping and you have a nice package with all the distributions. Its Tuesday morning right now , about 6.30 AM and I got up a little earlier to have some quiet time to blogg up with you guys. Its been very very hectic these last days. I'm not talking about work / stuff to do .. but also about all the personal stuff thats going down in my life. I haven't been able to write up and do some decent posts about all the 'real life stuff' thats getting in the way of my careless cyber-existence. Quite frankly it has to do with my family, the passing away of my father and all that comes in its wake. I'm a little bit shaken by all of it but don't worry .. I'll be fine .. I'm just not as cyber-focused as I am used to right now. Analogue interferrence from the real world we shall call it. So forgive my occasional Online absence . I will return in full force shortly.I am working on some new stuff for the next podcast so hang in there. She'll be up some time this week. Meantime I am overlooking my super cosy ( but still slightly chaotic ) new office. Nyana and me decided to save on heating costs and improve on quality time together by re-arranging my office into a shared Office / living area. So the room is divided in two giving me half for setting up a very cool workstation with about three different Hosts (on three different Os's) and a nice sitting area where Nyana can lounge out and watch some tv. This way we get to spend some nice time together in the evenings without be being hunched over a laptop in the living room all night. (oh sweet mac mini with your ergonomical monitor setup.. How have you saved my back and eyes). Its rather nice here and Nyana is responsible for that. If it where up to me it would be this matrix-like cyber hellhole with screens , books, cables and setups everywhere. Cluttered to the max with all things cyber (and very un-cosy) But Nyana manages to wheel me in , says things like 'don't overclutter , keep it simple , leave lots of empty space.. Put that plant (PLANT ?) there , and so on ans so on. The result ? A very cool room with minimal clutter on my office desktop , a nice view , a nice plant , and a painting of a boat on the wall. Not quite what Neo and Morpheus would have wanted for their ship .. but i'm happy and much more relaxed here (stares at plant for Feng-Shuie)As the loud click of the Logitec wireless mouse reminds me that I ditched my apple mighty mouse I must take a look at the clock and promise you my next entry for later on today or tomorrow. I've found a great article about saving data from a crashed computer using the Knoppix cd. (I'm not pimping Linux here David , just pointing out what tools are good for the trade) And I must admitt , the Windows machine right beside me has been down for 2 weeks and I have not even noticed. Shame shame shame on me !

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