KWTV227 : "Reviewing the HTC Chacha".

We take a good close look at HTC’s Chacha, its first keyboard + touchscreen combo phone with an Android operating system. We peek at the hardware , the battery life, give you samples of the video camera and more .. but first .. we review a box of crap. Take part in our competition to find out the purpose of our mistery object or just have a good time in this 30 minute .. KWTV 0027.



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DC211 : "Mint, Ubuntu as it should be" ?

We delve into a serious question about an oncoming storm. The Linux Mint derivative has expanded its desktop penetration percentage and makes us stop to look at this fresh green player on the open source operating field. Touted to be “the only Linux distribution that lets you watch Porn from the Live Cd” Linux Mint comes packed with all the goodies you need for a modern day operating system. Originally derived from Ubuntu but now standing on its own two feed Mint makes us wonder : Is this Ubuntu as it should be ?


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