#dearknightwise : Your questions, our answers.

Mar 26

This week we launched our brand new hashtag on twitter : #dearknightwise, that people can use to ask cross platform question. Every week I try to sit down and answer your questions.

@moonenmoonen asked  @”knightwise : Where did you get the pogo sketch.”

I got the pogo sketch at the Easy M  store in Sint Truiden, Belgium (Not that far from where you live). I had looked for the model in some of the s&s stores (Hasselt / Genk) but they did not have them in stock. I think I payed about 16 euro’s.

@casizemore asks : ” I accidently deleted my top toolbar on the desktop (ubuntu), how do i get it back.

Accidentally removing taksbars and buttons in Ubuntu is something that happens. You can restore them to their original status using THIS howto or use the PANELRESTORE script here.

@Jaymartinez wrote : “What are your must have apps for the Ipad”

Well, i’ll try to sum up the apps that i use the most.

Video Applications.

VLC : Without VLC player (no longer available in the App store thanks to the whining of the Electronic Freedom Foundation) I would not love my Ipad as much. I drag and drop the video’s I want to play (in ANY format) in the application menu in Itunes and get to watch all kinds of things on my Ipad WITHOUT having to convert stuff into Itunes. I’ve watched many many sci fi tv shows on my Ipad with VLC and think its an awesome app.

Youtube : I just love the tooooobs.

Boxee : I’m kidding ! I only wish the app they promised would come out soon so I can stream the content from my boxee box to my Ipad. This will be my killer app.


Ibooks : The default Ibooks app is one of the best for reading Epubs. I am surprised to say that allthough i own the Sony PRS-505 i’ve finished 3 books on the Ipad with Ibooks.

Goodreader : Whatever is not in Epub format I read using Goodreader. Pdf, Txt .. It “breaks the ipad free” of the cable by integrating with dropbox and google docs.

Cloudreader : Great application for reading comics ! I am currently getting through the old Transformers comics (from Marvel)

Instapaper : Awesome app : With a bookmarklet I shoot articles to Instapaper and they get presented off line so I can read them in peace. A must have app !

Flipboard : Pump all of my RSS feeds into a digital Magazine and consume my media .. my way.


Teamviewer : Remote control any computer from your Ipad. Clients for android, osx, ios, ubuntu and windows. Cross platform Awesome !

Wikipanion : I do not like to lose an argument. Wikipanion helps me with that.

Spideroak : Cross platform cloud backup and sync service I use for the podcast.

Dropbox : I use dropbox to ferry files to the Ipad without having to sync the Ipad to the mac.

Google earth : When there is nothing on tv .. Browse the planet.

Noteshellf : Fantastic little app that lets me WRITE on the Ipad (Reviewed in KWTV 0024).

Cleanwriter : Also a cool little thing that lets me write in a distraction free enviroment en helps me write up those long articles for ‘storytime’.

And there are of course some others, but like I said in the last “storytime” episode. I’m not an application geek but try to use applications that tie in with cross platform standards so my whole digital lifestyle can “travel” from device to device.

Do you also have a question ? Post your tweet to twitter with the hashtag #dearknightwise and have your question answered on the blog. 

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TGIF : Never mess with a somebody who knows Photoshop.

Mar 25

Knightwise.com fans who have been around a loooong looong time (or have been avid listeners of the Aussie Geek Podcast) might remember the famous ‘mega mindy incident’. Although its several years in the past its memory still lives on and has achieved cult status in some parts of the interwebs. Thanx to @the_rooster (Agp) and @theherne (Fan of the Agp, the Knightcast and my very own Nemesis) this memory is kept alive. While @herne and me were having some friendly back and forth banter on twitter about the Apple app store, I poked some friendly jabs at this canadian man of mistery. Too late i remembered one of the most important rules in Cyberspace : Never mess with somebody who knows how to Photoshop .. This was the result !  Have a good weekend everyone ! 

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KWTV224 : "Alternative input methods for the Ipad".

Mar 24

This week we review the Zaggmate Keyboard, the Pogo Sketch Stylus and 2 ipad apps that turn your ipad into a more productive device.

The ipad is designed as a touch-interface device. But what if the pinches and the swipes are no longer enough. What if you need more then the touch type keyboard can offer you. Then check out the products we’ve tested for ‘alternative input’ on your Ipad.



Kwtv 0024 Alternative input methods for your Ipad. from knight wise on Vimeo.

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Maybe you can ask #dearknightwise

Mar 22

In a never ending quest to find new and exiting ways to interact with my cross-platform community, i’ve launched (or “thought up”) the hashtag “#dearknightwise” on twitter. If you have a cross-platform question about Windows, Linux, Osx, Android, Ois or steam powered energiser bunnies .. i’ll do my best to find your answer. The hashtag #dearknightwise is alse piped to our official FACEBOOK PAGE where others can see if they can find the response to your query as well. So if you have a cross-platform question… and nobody can help you .. Maybe you can hire … #DEARKNIGHTWISE.


Links :

The official KNIGHTWISE.COM page on Facebook.

The #dearknightwise rss feed on twitter for your RSS Reader.

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Track your tweets with Cree.py (or track others !)

Mar 22

Geo-tagging your pictures, tweets and foursquare checkins is cool. It lets your friends know where you are, shows others just “where” you took that awesome picture and nobody dears to doubt the fact that you have just become the mayor of your aunts bathroom in Foursquare. But these locations are DATA. Random, useless data that only has value at a certain time for a certain picture. Random data .. right ? WRONG ! The issue with “privacy” or the loss of it, is that people seldom are aware that random privacy information can be “glued together” into a very useful piece of information that could form a very correct (or very WRONG) profile of a certain user. Lets take these geo-tweets and foursquare checkins as an example and use a creepy application like … creepy ( Seriously, that is what its called ) that lets you ‘track’ a certain person around the globe. (or around his neighbourhood). Its a Linux app, that makes it EXTRA geeky and its amazing to see just how much “random bits of information” people put out there and just how much of this information you can piece together. Now this is quite a ‘harmless’ application ( I can just see the ‘NCIS Wisconsin’ team using this in their next episode ) but think of it. How much information are we really putting out there, and what data algorithms does it take to shape that data into a complete “image” of our digital or private lifestyle. Now we can all yawn and say : “Privacy is dead !” but what does that actually MEAN ? Sure, data mining company’s can “shape” that information into a “profile” of your shopping habits and try to sell you stuff you like ? But that is the most benign kind. What if a governement, or an employer uses this ? He might form a correct ‘image’ of just what you are up to. You’ve got nothing to hide ? Good for you .. but what if they get it WRONG ? What if the information they gather is put together in a complete fracked up way that gives an impression of your action in a way thats just not correct ? Think about it ?


So lets just all put on our tin foil hats (make sure you don’t crease them, the grey aliens HATE creases in tin foil) and download cree.py for Ubuntu.

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