Review of the ACER ASPIRE ONE.

You can call me many things, but one of the things you are surely going to mention is "early adopter". Yes, I am one of those cyber pioneers thats gets his hands on the new toys out there and who boldly swipes his Visa through the magnetic card reader and goes for the purchase of


Sorry for not posting over the weekend, but I had my hands full. 🙂 Not only with "daily life" kinda stuff, to be quite honest we didn’t leave the house. But with Nyana down with the flu we didn’t have a lot of choice. She’s slowly getting better, but the most part of my weekend

May the force be with us.

A few weeks ago, me and my old web buddy Swift, got some tickets to the "Star Wars Exhibition" in Tour and Taxis in Brussels. This expo, featuring sets and costumes from the Star Wars movies was heralded as " The Ultimate Star Wars Experience !" (whatever that may be), So me and "Tha SwiftMeister"

Why I don

As some of you might have noticed. I haven’t posted ANYTHING about the iphone so far. The whole western world has been hyping the thing , up to the point of mass hysteria, but I have refused to write about it until now. Why ?  Because I think the Iphone is getting WAY to much

Face your inner Manga.

Manga Knightwise  Real Knightwise. There are plenty of sites out on the Net that help you waste your time. And every once in a while I like to talk about some of them. The latest addition to ‘ How to piss away 15 minutes of your existence on planet earth" is The setup is

Try before you buy !

Today was a lovely day. Weatherman told us that is was going to rain liquid swimming pools and that the chances that our underwear would get wet from the outside where pretty high. But it turned out he was pretty wrong. A few clouds in the sky, but for the rest : a perfect sunny

Msn SPam :(

Back in 1996 when I was on dial-up, life was so much easier. Back then when I logged on to the net (after hearing that wonderful sound of my dailup modem going "KWeeeecharirsoiroissjfkjeijfldskkkkkssssksksksksks") my internet session would start of with several "’Oh-Oh’" sounds of ICQ messages that had been waiting for me. Man .. that

Have an OSX Dock in Ubuntu.

Ever operating system has its pro’s and cons. Well some have more cons then pro’s but what the hey. And since i’m a cross platform slider, I get to play around with both Linux Osx and Windows. In every OS there is something I like, something I wish I could "port over" to the other

Holiday Snapshots !

    With all this holiday stuff I completely forgot that I needed to put my holiday pictures online ! Should have done that a few days ago. Especially since I took the time to shoot a LOT of pictures in the South of France AND I organized them all into sets on Flickr. So

Htop is like Top to Da Bling.

One of the cool things in Linux is that you hardly any hardware to interact with it. No fancy GUI, no hardcore processor etc … If you just run in command line mode only you can run linux on a slow machine or interact with machines over a slow connection. Putty and the terminal are

Connectivity : ubiquitous

It doesn’t happen a lot, but from time to time it does. I have some time to kill and quickly flip out my laptop to write up a little post. A quick scan of the wifi-area makes me realise that … damn.. this is a wifi-free zone. So there you are. A computer full of

The four week coffee break.

Every good rhythm needs a good break. Every race car needs the occasional pit stop. Every server needs a reboot. Every cyber-Citizen needs the occasional vacation. And thats exactly what I"ve been doing. I could say I would have been overly busy, swamped with real life or even write up a convincing post about an