Ever operating system has its pro’s and cons. Well some have more cons then pro’s but what the hey. And since i’m a cross platform slider, I get to play around with both Linux Osx and Windows. In every OS there is something I like, something I wish I could "port over" to the other OS’es I work with. One of the things I love about leopard for example is the Dock. I found it to be pretty stupid when I started working with Macs (where the frack is my start button) but these days I can’t live without it. A little bit of Googling brought me to the "Avant Window Navigator " an app for Ubuntu Linux that gives you and OSX style dock. Pretty cute ! With desktop real estate on my EEEpc being as scarse as it is, it might be a cool solution. You dont NEED all you applications in one menu , that just makes it a little to cluttered. What I need everyday I have in my dock, the rest I look up via Finder, Same with linux. (and I don’t need THAT many programs) So if you are running some form of Linux and you have "luuuuv for da dock" try this one out. (click on the pic for the large version)



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