I've got old friends in new places.

Aug 11

You know these stupid questionnaires .. about how the average
"Computer Geek" might know 15 people on the other side of the world but
does not know what his or hers next door neighbour looks like ?
might call me one of those yeah. Well, both of us really. Our cellphone
hardly rings with friends calling up to chat with us, we don’t get a
lot of text messages … Any form of "local communication" like for
example a phone call, a written letter or "somebody dropping by" is
quite scarce at "Casa del Knightwise 2.0".

But  we don’t fit the profile of being "social outcasts" or hermits..
We interact heavily with other people .. but not always in our own
timezone. Other people have friends in the local Football club, or take
their dog to "puppy school" where the can meet with people from the
area. We don’t really do those kinds of things. Yeah sure, Plenty of
Emails coming in, plenty of communication going on .. but not with
people on this part of the planet. Most of our contacts are people from
abroad and people we know online.

But that has kind of changed the last few weeks. Tinkering around
with my Facebook profile I decided to punch up some names from old
friends and relatives that I have know. And what do you know: Facebook
profiles started to pop up all over the place. Before I damn well knew
what was going on I was getting befriended by people whom I’ve know for
years but had lost touch with. Former girlfriends that now live far far
away .. Former co-workers.. old friends … and some of them even speak
DUTCH ! !  It was a strange clash of worlds in all. My online profile
and handle ‘Knightwise’ is well known in the virtual communities I’m a
part of. Most of you won’t even KNOW my real name. And for me .. thats
just fine. But now I was hooking up with people that know me from "the
real world’ and they have NO IDEA who the hell "Knight Wise" is. Only
thanks to my face on the picture did they make out who I was. 

So as most hip cyber-people agree that Facebook is so "last year" 
I am (for once) sticking around , building a little community of people
I know from real life. I even get to write back and forth in Dutch.
Some people who are on my Facebook profile are even in the region where
I could ring them up for a BBQ. What an awesome idea ..  So call me
lame.. Call me noob .. but I like my Facebook buddies. The ones that
reside in the real world and those that are my virtual co-citizens.
They both make my Facebook profile a bridge between both worlds.. Good
friends in both places ! 


Knight Wise's Facebook profile


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