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Aug 20

As some of you might have noticed. I haven’t posted ANYTHING about the iphone so far. The whole western world has been hyping the thing , up to the point of mass hysteria, but I have refused to write about it until now. Why ?  Because I think the Iphone is getting WAY to much press, and we have come up to the point that the Iphone just has to Fart and its frontpage news. And I’m not talking about the tech journals, I’m talking about the noobie-media. Even the local newspapers carry stories about the Iphone. Why ? Beats me. Its like the only tech savvy thing they know anything about … And because its “popular” they write about it. And because they write about it, the Iphone becomes even more popular. We have passed the marker where “The Hype feeds The Hype” a few months ago. And its getting ridiculous. People waiting outside the store just to get their hands on this overpriced gizmo. In the US that might not be such a sight seldom seen, but here in Europe ? In measly Belgium ? It is.

So shortly after the launch of the fracking thing, people turn to me in expectation. “Show us your Iphone, Knightwise” they blurt out. For a second I feel like some kind of “Livingstone” about to flash a shiny mirror at the natives.. The only thing is .. I don’t HAVE an Iphone.  “ I don’t Have one” I bluntly declare. ( Gasps of disbelief) “What do you mean , you Don’t have one ? “ they ask astonished.
And suddenly I find myself in an argument where I need to DEFEND (not explain : DEFEND) my position why I haven’t bought an Iphone. Somewhere in this parralel universe it has become mandatory to own one.

Don’t get me wrong. The Iphone in itself is a nice gizmo, it resembles my ipod touch ( I love that little device) and the added bonus is : You can use it as your phone. Sounds freaking awesome. Apple quality, Ipod Touch functionality (mp3 player, video player, wifi, safari , email) Add to that, that you can now also install extra apps .. A great device.

But the thing that tanks it ?  The price . The Iphone is WAY TO EXPENSIVE. I’m sorry but for all I care the shop lady would offer me Oral sex combined with the bill, I’ll NEVER ever pay that amount of money for such a device. 600 euro’s is just to fracking much.  And WHY is it so expensive ? you know why ?  Because thanks to the hype , every dumb fuck now wants one and there is no way in hell that Apple is going to drop the price. And IF you cough up the insane price the phone provider (Verizon, or here in Belgium , Mobistar or Proximus) will charge you ANOTHER insane amount for your phone contract.

The bottom line ? It’s a great device , but because everybody has turned it into the fracking Paris Hilton of the mobile phone world, EVERYBODY wants a piece of the cake and prices get pumped up or stay excessively high.

So when it drops below 300 euro’s and the contracts are back to an amount that is reasonable .. I’ll THINK about it

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