I am everywhere !

Bloghoggers might have noticed I’m a few posts behind. Reason for that are some time-intensive "real world issues" that have the nerve to cobble up my cyberpipes and have kept me away from my very important digital social life. A shame I know ! Even with the Blackberry offering at least some lifeline to my

Play Classic Dos Games online.

I know how most geeks tend to come to the point of near orgasm when they talk about their powerful machines, fast video cards, heaps of onboard ram and how their system makes big blue cower away in a corner. They tend to boast that their computer can produce more frames per second then the

Macbook vs Macbook Pro.

Those of you who have been following me on twitter probably know by now that I sold my old generation one Macbook this week. With mixed feelings I reinstalled the little while buddy and took it towards its new owners who were already jumping with joy to get their hands on it. I do say

Afraid to Slide ? Get some Air !

A lot of people are afraid to use another operating system. Some people are afraid to embrace something that is different then the thngs they know. And coming to think of it, I can understand them. There are lists upon lists out there that give you "alternatives" Alternative operating systems to Windows, alternative programs to