I am everywhere !

Mar 30

Bloghoggers might have noticed I’m a few posts behind. Reason for that are some time-intensive "real world issues" that have the nerve to cobble up my cyberpipes
and have kept me away from my very important digital social life. A
shame I know ! Even with the Blackberry offering at least some lifeline
to my mailbox there is still a gap between the digital world and the
"other one". So i bit the bullet and marched into the phone shop to get
me one of those 3G usb thingamajigs that I can hook up to my laptop(s). " But WHY Knightwise ? " I hear you scream. Are there not enough hotspots, open wifi routers and stray Ethernet
ports available to make sure you are ALWAYS connected ? Good point.
That is true .. most of the time. Except at those very situation where
they are NOT THERE and you simply cannot get online. For that very
scenario I have picked up this little stick. A fallback scenario to
cling to whenwar-driving fails to get me anywhere. When I’m in the middle of the forest somewhere in the south of Belgium and feel the urge to upload some pictures. When i’m in the waiting room of the dentist but am unable to hack into his wireless router to post the tweet that i’m dreading the needle. Stuff like that. As for the price it was pretty cheap. 69 euros for the modem (i could have gotten a used on online coming to think of it) and the fee is 5 euros
a month + 1 euro for every day you log in ( so no matter how many times
you log in at one given day , you pay one euro per day). Since this is
an occasional lifeline that we can use when in desperate need of of a
WAN ip, its not going to be something we need to use everyday. Overall I’m pretty pleased with the speed. Installation on Windows was a breeze (the application and drivers were stored on the modem-stick) For our Macbook Pro I had to download the drivers from the Mobistar website (our phone provider) and for my Ubuntulinux netbook, I found a great how-to
that pointed me to two .deb files that I downloaded and installed and I
was good to go ! 🙂 Awesome ! It took an upgrade of my version of Firefox
to get it all working smoothly , but still I feel much better knowing
that I have a "last line of connectivity" in my briefcase should I run
into a situation where I would need such a thing. So pretty soon i’ll be IRC’ing over an SSH connection while sitting on a patch of moss in the Belgian Ardennes ! Or i’ll launch a cronjob on some remote system in Canada as I use logmein to program my Mac to record a Tv show at home. In short ?  I am omnipresent !

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Cyber Rednecks are the Fall of Facebook.

Mar 23

After a very busy weekend I do want to take a little time to at least do SOME updating of the Blog, for otherwise rumours of my death will once again flourish wildly. My pet peeve today is with our ever so popular and beloved Facebook. Yes, the same Facebook that has decided to anally retract their "not so very successful end user agreement" that stated an " All your content are now belong to us " in legal terms.

That very same Facebook, blind to the fact that the wounds of this petty little skirmisch with their userbase might still be tender, has launched a ‘redesign’ of the Facebook frontpage last week. There had been a flurry of blog posts and twitter-tweets on " How Facebook was looking into your brain by changing the "status question" from : "what are you doing", to "what’s on your mind".   Well let me tell you : With the ever more popularisation of Facebook, there is not a lot "on the mind" of the average Facebook user anyway.

As with all things on the Internet, the early adopting high-tech geeks now have to stand aside as the crowd of dumb-ass n00by users waddle into the halls of this social medium, rudely disturbing the techno-aristocratic tea-party with farts and loud burping. What I mean by this is the fact that Facebook is slowly but surely becoming the domain of the "internet rednecks". That particular demographic of cyber citizens that fills their day by playing Solitaire online, Forwarding stupid Emails that MSN messenger is going to become a paid service. That very type of internet user that spends his or her time taking stupid Facebook quizzes. Never mind the fact they click on every blue  button that reads YES! , SIGN ME UP , INVITE YOUR FRIENDS, INSTALL, NUKE MY SYSTEM,  and what have you. They are also the ones that are responsible for a lot of spam in your Inbox, mostly generated by the myriad of viruses residing on their badly maintained unpatched PRE-SP1 Xp machines.

I’m by far an elitist and love to help people out to find their way online, but I have zero patience for this kinds of folk.

Sending me invites to stupid games, spamming my feed by stupid quizzes you take, shooting me third party Facebook-spam applications and populating my Inbox with virus infected links is a surefire way to get expelled from my Facebook-friends list. No matter if you are my next door neighbour, drinking buddy or my own family: If you fill your day with this kind of crap you are no longer a "cyber-friend" of mine. As I click ignore on the next flurry of invites to games, polls and stupid shit, I sigh deeply when noting that some friends who I hold my the highest regard in "the real world" fill their time online with taking tests on "When will you die" and crap like that. 

Very soon we will lose Facebook to the Cyber-Rednecks. Another medium perverted by their cyber-stupidy, where they can fall into the lurking hands of mallware, spoofing, stupid games and porn. Oh wait : Porn is not allowed on Facebook (yett ? ) so who gives a crap when Facebook turns into the next Myspace. Overrun by binairy baffoons screaming in the empty halls of Facebook, for the teaparty has moved on to the next startup and the cyber aristocrats have left the building. 

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Why stop at one Battlestar : Enter the fanfictioned universe.

Mar 16

The one thing I love about the internet, is that you can always find "more" of whatever interests you. Take for example " Battlestar Galactica " Never mind the fact that the ‘remake’ of the series has both me and Nyana glued to the screen watching episode after episode if we can get our hands on the Dvd boxes, never mind the fact that we have Cylons and Colonial Battlestars staring at us from our computer screen wallpapers.. once the "canon" runs out of content, there is always the INTERNET. Who ever said that when the end credits roll the adventure is over ? Enter the world wide web and its myriad of fan-sites devoted to the wonderful content of your favorite tv-show.



Some of them are lame, screencaps, spoilers, what-if-scenario’s, Star-wars vs Star Trek discussions and what have you. Some fans go as far as producing their very own spin off of their show (with mixed results) and some sit behind their computer and ‘fill in the gaps’ around the things the writers did not make up in the first place. Since i’m a big Spaceship bud, I went looking for some deckplans of the Battlestar Galactica, to get a general feel of how BIG one of those Battlestars would actually be ? (and to let it fight an Imperial Star Destroyer and 2 Defiant class starships in my own little mind.. only kidding !) What I found instead is this great site where fans and enthusiasts have come up with an entire colonial fleet so the good old Galactica won’t be feeling so alone anymore.

Great to check out and fantastic to read how other people’s imagination give the whole "colonial Universe" an extra dimention.

Link : http://wolfsshipyard.mystarship.com/BSG.html

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Dc202 "A very simple backup script for linux"

Mar 15

In this episode of the knightwise.com Docu-cast series we show you how to build your very own backup script on your linux system. With this script you can automatically create zip-filed-backups of the home folders of all the users on your system. We add some extra security to the mix by making the backup folder a “dropbox” for all your other users. That way they can “drop” files into the backup folder, but are unable to see any other files in the folder that have been put there by other users.


  • Creating the destination directory.
  • Setting up the correct file permissions with chmod.
  • Writing the script.
  • Testing the script.
  • Automate the Process using Cron.

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Play Classic Dos Games online.

Mar 14

I know how most geeks tend to come to the point of near orgasm when they talk about their powerful machines, fast video cards, heaps of onboard ram and how their system makes big blue cower away in a corner. They tend to boast that their computer can produce more frames per second then the human eye can see, and that their monitor can produce resolutions that makes the display of an HD tv look like its made with Lego Pixels. Yeah.. We all know those stories.



The funny thing is , if you present said geek with a classic 8 bit game.. He will crumble and fall to the pure nostalgia of classic dos games. So there are tons of emulators out there that you can use. But I have decided i’m going to go with the biggest cross platform emulator of them all. The good old interwebs and the power of Java to present to you : a whole heap of classic dos games that you can play through your browser. Tell your friends and family to go on a holiday to transilvania, because you are going to be wrapped up in this .. for weeks ! 

Click here : http://www.classicdosgames.com/online.php

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