After a very busy weekend I do want to take a little time to at least do SOME updating of the Blog, for otherwise rumours of my death will once again flourish wildly. My pet peeve today is with our ever so popular and beloved Facebook. Yes, the same Facebook that has decided to anally retract their "not so very successful end user agreement" that stated an " All your content are now belong to us " in legal terms.

That very same Facebook, blind to the fact that the wounds of this petty little skirmisch with their userbase might still be tender, has launched a ‘redesign’ of the Facebook frontpage last week. There had been a flurry of blog posts and twitter-tweets on " How Facebook was looking into your brain by changing the "status question" from : "what are you doing", to "what’s on your mind".   Well let me tell you : With the ever more popularisation of Facebook, there is not a lot "on the mind" of the average Facebook user anyway.

As with all things on the Internet, the early adopting high-tech geeks now have to stand aside as the crowd of dumb-ass n00by users waddle into the halls of this social medium, rudely disturbing the techno-aristocratic tea-party with farts and loud burping. What I mean by this is the fact that Facebook is slowly but surely becoming the domain of the "internet rednecks". That particular demographic of cyber citizens that fills their day by playing Solitaire online, Forwarding stupid Emails that MSN messenger is going to become a paid service. That very type of internet user that spends his or her time taking stupid Facebook quizzes. Never mind the fact they click on every blue  button that reads YES! , SIGN ME UP , INVITE YOUR FRIENDS, INSTALL, NUKE MY SYSTEM,  and what have you. They are also the ones that are responsible for a lot of spam in your Inbox, mostly generated by the myriad of viruses residing on their badly maintained unpatched PRE-SP1 Xp machines.

I’m by far an elitist and love to help people out to find their way online, but I have zero patience for this kinds of folk.

Sending me invites to stupid games, spamming my feed by stupid quizzes you take, shooting me third party Facebook-spam applications and populating my Inbox with virus infected links is a surefire way to get expelled from my Facebook-friends list. No matter if you are my next door neighbour, drinking buddy or my own family: If you fill your day with this kind of crap you are no longer a "cyber-friend" of mine. As I click ignore on the next flurry of invites to games, polls and stupid shit, I sigh deeply when noting that some friends who I hold my the highest regard in "the real world" fill their time online with taking tests on "When will you die" and crap like that. 

Very soon we will lose Facebook to the Cyber-Rednecks. Another medium perverted by their cyber-stupidy, where they can fall into the lurking hands of mallware, spoofing, stupid games and porn. Oh wait : Porn is not allowed on Facebook (yett ? ) so who gives a crap when Facebook turns into the next Myspace. Overrun by binairy baffoons screaming in the empty halls of Facebook, for the teaparty has moved on to the next startup and the cyber aristocrats have left the building. 

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