Why stop at one Battlestar : Enter the fanfictioned universe.

Mar 16

The one thing I love about the internet, is that you can always find "more" of whatever interests you. Take for example " Battlestar Galactica " Never mind the fact that the ‘remake’ of the series has both me and Nyana glued to the screen watching episode after episode if we can get our hands on the Dvd boxes, never mind the fact that we have Cylons and Colonial Battlestars staring at us from our computer screen wallpapers.. once the "canon" runs out of content, there is always the INTERNET. Who ever said that when the end credits roll the adventure is over ? Enter the world wide web and its myriad of fan-sites devoted to the wonderful content of your favorite tv-show.



Some of them are lame, screencaps, spoilers, what-if-scenario’s, Star-wars vs Star Trek discussions and what have you. Some fans go as far as producing their very own spin off of their show (with mixed results) and some sit behind their computer and ‘fill in the gaps’ around the things the writers did not make up in the first place. Since i’m a big Spaceship bud, I went looking for some deckplans of the Battlestar Galactica, to get a general feel of how BIG one of those Battlestars would actually be ? (and to let it fight an Imperial Star Destroyer and 2 Defiant class starships in my own little mind.. only kidding !) What I found instead is this great site where fans and enthusiasts have come up with an entire colonial fleet so the good old Galactica won’t be feeling so alone anymore.

Great to check out and fantastic to read how other people’s imagination give the whole "colonial Universe" an extra dimention.

Link : http://wolfsshipyard.mystarship.com/BSG.html

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