Some mondays are a little different from other ones. Some mondays you
jump out of bed, shout "Shakaaah" and bang on the walls to wake up your
neighbours to make them enthousiastic about the upcoming week. You race
downstairs and (after twittering ‘HELLO WORLD’) open the door and yell
"Hello World" into "meatspace" (referred to as ‘the real world’) You
jump into your car and dive straight into the work thats waiting for
you in the office, and empty out your inbox, resolving every problem
that had been lurking in there once and for all. During your coffee
break you scribble down the cure for cancer on a post-it note and
accomplish peace in the middle east after mediating the conflicting
sides over MSN Messenger.



And … some mondays are not like
t. Upon waking up you feel like awakening from a very pleasant coma
into a horrible cold world. Talking to people is not an option (your
grumpy morning mood is a match for a Slovakian Assasin) and your
workplace is concidered a target for a thermonuclear test-strike. So in
order to "survive your day" some nice music would go a long way. Today
I’m in one of these mellow monday moods where I need a auditory
firewall between me and my surroundings. Where i’m not quite ready yett
for the assault of "everyday life" and need to have some nice mellow
music to "faze me into the working week".

One of the podcasts that never fails to deliver is my good friends TC’s
podcast called " " where he plays great sets of ambient
music from a variety of artists. So please go and subscribe to if you want some great chilly tunes. Some of the
artists featured even offer their music for free , as for example these
5 albums from Generall Fuzz . There .. 5 free cd’s and a podcast to
cheer up your monday morning blues.

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