Those of you who have been following me on twitter probably know by now that I sold my old generation one Macbook this week. With mixed feelings I reinstalled the little while buddy and took it towards its new owners who were already jumping with joy to get their hands on it. I do say mixed feelings because , aside from being a little sad to say goodbye to the last white apple laptop in the house (we said shalom to our Ibook last year) I am very exited about the next part of the story , the part where I get to buy myself a new toy. Of course I had been looking at the new Unibody Macs for quite some time, but until now I was not very tempted to buy one. (we have a last generation Macbook Pro in the house, and the specs don’t really differ from the later models) And just like the other times Mac came out with a "new model", me and Nyana needed some some time to get used to the new designs (at first we always go .. Yuck ! … and then we change our minds). So with the Macbook gone ( i don’t hold on to hardware longer then two years) its time to go for something new.



This brings us to the following predicament :  What to buy. At first i was not tempted to buy anything. Cause save for the new casings and the brighter screen, not much had changed since we bought our Macbook pro. So I did some research into what was new about the whole new Apple laptop line. First they were talking about how "sexy they looked".. Ok, i started to agree there. They all looked like the Macbook air, the most overrated overpriced underpowered piece of crap since time began. And then everybody was going on about ‘how they were built" .. I don"t give a frying fuck about how they are built ? I don’t even care if my pizza is made by 24 naked virgins whispering my name as they spread the onions.. If it tastes like crap I can’t be bothered. So after the hype and in the apple-fanboy"s post-orgasmic era I decided to "shop around". 

What I found out was kind of shocking. In short : There was a surprisingly small difference between the higher end Macbook models, and the entry level Macbook pro’s. Browsing around and reading specs I came to the startling conclusion that the gap between the Macbooks and the Pro’s was rapidly shrinking. With the new unibody-body’s there was no longer a "plastic vs Aluminum" gap, and both models sported equally sturdy casings. And when I lined up both models (high end Macbook vs entry level Macbook Pro) the only difference was the addition of a firewire port and a larger screen. So in essence the high end macbook became the super-portable Macbook Pro ? 

So now we come to the question: What to buy. Will I go for a Macbook pro with the larger screen, or for the more compact Macbook and a large external monitor. The ‘road warrior’ in me says to go for the Macbook , small portable and easy to flip out. The multi-media maniac in me is begging for a bigger screen and is shouting ‘PRO PRO PRO’ . So i’m not really sure as to what i’m going to do .. but i’ll keep you posted.


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