Kc203 : "The Gutsy Gibbon Release Party."

Today we step away from the Grid Series and go sniff around at the local Gutsy Gibbon release party in my hometown Hasselt. We talk to Bart Broeckx from the Belgium Ubuntu Forum about the brand new Gutsy Gibbon Ubuntu Linux. Whats new, whats hot and also whats so cool about joining a computerclub. An interview with Julien from the Bitmappers.be computerclub tells us why. We round up the whole thing by explaining you how to use the  Gutsy Gibbon live CD as a way to resque your crashed XP installation.


  • Music : Knightwise “Spheres”
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So much cooler online.

Many thanks to JAKKEB for coming up with this little jem. I would not dare to dabble words to spoil whatever surprise awaits you when you look at this little video. Needless to say the lyrics AND the clip speak for themselves. Move over White and Nerdy : here comes the next best thing. The song got stuck in my head for the rest of the week and I feared someone had overheared when I was gently humming the line " Even on a slow day, I can have a threeway". Curious ? just watch and look out for nerds, captain Kirk, and some band-camp ars grabbing at the end !  Faaaaantastic.

Seems youtube yanked the embedded video : SO CLICK HERE !! ! 


cooler online




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Apple-porn : My hands on the Ipod Touch.

Still got a ton of work backlogged after a very busy weekend (but rest assured, there is a lot of content coming your way) but I did want to slip in this little article in cause .. Well .. Men are just like little children. A acquaintance of mine visited the US recently and just had to slip his latest purchase into my hands, only to leave a gaping hole in my gadget-loving heart when he took it away. As one of the first in Belgium (apart from him of course) I got a chance to play with the little machine and discovered it takes 5 seconds to lock it into your heart. I’ll try and give you the fastest review of my 20 second intercourse with the 16 gigabyte Ipod touch.




Weight and size: Damn that little thing is as flat as a penny. About half as fat as my 5G ipod (30 gig) , so that makes it a little thicker then the new nano. It feels rock solid and slick and is about a perfect size when it comes down to watching video"s.

Interface : I must say : the interface  is fantastic : the first thing i tried of course was flipping it on its side (and Hoopla the thing goes widescreen) and then the coverflow stuff ! NIICE (if you have all of your artwork of course) but the whole thing wit the pictures takes the cake. Zooming in and out using both of your fingers is fan-tastic ! ! ! ! 

Webbrowsing : If I had to compare my Qtec windows mobile interface to this it feels like I’m dragging around a clay tablet. The wifi on the Ipod touch is fast and easy to configure BUT (here it comes) its the first device that REALLY allows you to look at websites like you are supposed to. With the little ipod on its side you don’t have to scroll sideways. And if the letters are too small just .. zoom in ! 

All in all : Great little device and a intriguing pairing of an mp3 player and a wifi enabled device. I’m pretty interested in the little thing and one day it just might  take the place of my ipod ..  


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Kc202 : "The Powerstation".

In episode 2 of our “Grid” series we setup your own personal powerstation. A picture perfect hybrid of a Linux workstation and a server. Using the all new Gutsy Gibbon we cobble up our own perfect computer. At the flick of a switch you will have secure shell control, a webmin interface, an apache, mysql and PHP system and more. Be sure to check out the elaborate howto’s listed in the shownotes and make the first step in “The Grid”.

  • Installing SSH :  sudo apt-get install ssh openssh-server
  • Downloading and installing webmin : Go HERE (scroll down a little)
  • Install Ubuntu Desktop enviroment : sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop
  • Signout.

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Sisters are doing it.

Sometimes reality just surprises you and you have to go with the flow
. I was out last Saturday morning, browsing through our local weekly fleamarket. My initial goal being to snap some shots of old and discarded technology so I could do a little writeup about it. The weather was kind of cloudy and the lighting far from good. But I managed to catch a few interesting items on camera. That was until I saw some nuns passing by. Thinking this big concentration of ‘tux-like’ creatures could have something to do with the upcoming release of Gutsy Gibbon I decided to investigate. It turned out these Sisters where into business ! The business of selling stuff on the flea market to raise funds for their mission-post in Africa. As the sun broke through I was tempted to point my lens at this little peace of real life proza and shoot the lovely little sisters in the act. After snapping a few shots one of the sisters noted my presence and being the closet-pr-person the was, immediately turned it into a press event. She kindly dragged me along the entire scene explaining what the purpose of this little overgrown garage sale was. As the Steven Spielberg in her took over she directed me to take some shots, lined up both crowd and colleagues for the photograph and gave me backstage passage behind the little tables filed with all kinds of tinker-tankers. I’m not a big fan of the Catholic church by far, but these ladies managed to charm my socks off. They where so sweet !! And being the Cyber-nuns they where they even had an email address for me to ship the pictures too so they could use them in the next issue of their magazine.  Even Sisters live on the edge of real and cyberspace these days. 🙂 I hope they enjoy the pictures and hopefully you will too.

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The art of Artwork.

Some of you might not even notice the little bird in the far left corner of our banner. Not very surprising. It has been there for a long long time. The original "heron’ sign is one that I chose as my personal "logo" over twelve years ago. Standing proud with arched wings it has been omnipresent on a lot of things I have created. But as with all things it must evolve. Looking long and hard at what I wanted and how I wanted it took up most of the time. Right up to the point where I met the talented Sharky and asked him to come up with a little something. It took him about two days to turn the Knightwise.com Hedon into a whole new logo. Made it evolve. Some of you might have noticed a different looking bird in the logo’s of the Knightcast and KW tv, and very soon its time to change the top banner of the site as wel. Officially welcoming the new artwork of Knightwise.com. I just want to take the time to thank Sharky for his design work. I think its excellent ! Look forward to seeing a lot more of the Heron 2.0.



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KWTV204 : "Opening up an Ibook".

This week on KWTV we go into Martha Steward mode. Opening up my wifes Ibook to replace the keyboard and add a stick of Ram. Stick around to see how we debunk some Apple myths (The store is always right and there is such a thing as Apple memory) and turn KWTV into some surgical daytime soap opening up a helpless patient. ” Nurse Ogawa .. Scalpel please….”

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Kc201: "THE GRID"

Welcome back to the new season of “The Knightcast” With great music and a mistery soundseeing tour we set off the new batch of episodes starting with ” The Grid” Part one. Learn about how we see technology and what the philosophy is behind the Knightcast and discover the Secret of The Grid : The technolocal infrastructure you can use to tune tech into your way of life. With great music of “Trance 2006” the edge of real an cyberspace rings with the sounds .. of ‘The Knightcast.’


  • Timestamp
  • Sponsored by “Podcastmaker” visit www.lemonzdream.com for more information.
  • Soundseeing tour : “Kickoff in the Deca Dance
  • Leadin.
  • Music : Trance 2006   “Luminary Dark Eyes”
  • Views on Technology.
  • Music : Trance 2006 ” Above and Beyond”
  • The Grid.
  • Signout.

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KWTV203 : "Return of the Knightcast"

Its been quiet on the western front as they say for more than two weeks (disgrace) and a very VERY busy schedule has kept me away from the Knightwise.com podcast. But aside from the daily life getting in the way of general affairs … there also has been a lot of banging and hammering going on   in the dark back rooms of the Knightwise.com empire. Rest ashured, a lot of tinkering and fiddling has been going on behind the large curtain.. and now its time for some damn announcements.

First of all .. We give you episode Three of the KwTv. After the great responces I got on “Wardriving with Knight and Swift” these little episodes are more and more fun to do. This weeks topic is a little insight into how I look at technology. For somebody new to the site it might be very interesting. For regulars its a little recap on why again i’m such a geek.

But along with this little ten minute episode comes the news that you might have heared here and there … The Knightcast podcast is coming back ! Yep .. Its once again time to pick up the microphone and give your ears some juicy technofelia ! Starting October 11th the Knightcast podcast will return with a weekly (or bi-weekly) episode about life on the edge of real and cyberspace. Along with KwTv you can feast your eyes and ears on my own personal ‘Lifestream’.


If you want to subscribe to the Knightcast do so by adding the following feed to your podcatcher.

Or if you are using Itunes just click the link below to add us to your subscribtion list.
Click here to add the podcast to Itunes.
Alternatively you can follow every episode that is coming out by clicking on one of the items in the column on the right hand side.

So there you have it my friends, al lot of KW-Content for you to enjoy.

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