Its been quiet on the western front as they say for more than two weeks (disgrace) and a very VERY busy schedule has kept me away from the podcast. But aside from the daily life getting in the way of general affairs … there also has been a lot of banging and hammering going on   in the dark back rooms of the empire. Rest ashured, a lot of tinkering and fiddling has been going on behind the large curtain.. and now its time for some damn announcements.

First of all .. We give you episode Three of the KwTv. After the great responces I got on “Wardriving with Knight and Swift” these little episodes are more and more fun to do. This weeks topic is a little insight into how I look at technology. For somebody new to the site it might be very interesting. For regulars its a little recap on why again i’m such a geek.

But along with this little ten minute episode comes the news that you might have heared here and there … The Knightcast podcast is coming back ! Yep .. Its once again time to pick up the microphone and give your ears some juicy technofelia ! Starting October 11th the Knightcast podcast will return with a weekly (or bi-weekly) episode about life on the edge of real and cyberspace. Along with KwTv you can feast your eyes and ears on my own personal ‘Lifestream’.


If you want to subscribe to the Knightcast do so by adding the following feed to your podcatcher.

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So there you have it my friends, al lot of KW-Content for you to enjoy.

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