Guest Spot : #AGP033


Last weekend I featured as a Co-Host on the Aussie Geek Podcast  episode 33. 

Check out the shownoted or download the episode straight from the Aussie Geek Podcast Website. Another Great episode with my awesome Co-Hosts Dave, Keith, & Cait..

You can look up the shownotes HERE.

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All the world is a stage. Dj'ing on Ustream.

Modern times bring modern ideas. Modern ideas and concepts require you to “rethink” some things and re-evaluate your experiences with the world. It is a simple fact that change.. is the only constant. Although you can mostly find me on the Vanguard of that very change, I still am surprised by how these new ideas and concepts, change the way we look at things. To explain what i’m talking about, let me take you back roughly 12 years when on of the major major activities in my free time, was being a DJ. Together with a couple of good friends we had our own little company. Hauling lights and speakers from event to event and playing music all night long, before packing up and heading to the next venue.

Its very hard to describe what it is like to be in front of a crowd, playing music. For those who think its a “one way street” where you do your thing and the crowd dances.. you have obviously never performed. Playing a DJ set in front of a crowd is, (when its done right) a delicate symbiosis between the performer and the crowd. Where, as a DJ, you need to sense the mood of the crowd in front of you, feel where the want to go next, how far you can push them, how high you can take them. One of the most important things is the vibe you receive from the crowd.  If you “listen” right , you know, you ‘feel’ what the next track is going to be that sends them over the edge. If you “steer” your set right, you can take a dull room full of people on a magical musical experience where you tap into their enthusiasm .. and where they feed yours. It might sound strange, but that is the way it is. DJ’s (or any performer) who think that THEY are the star and that the crowd just has to listen .. are wrong. You are a servant .. a facilitator of this delicate symbiosis between crowd and DJ .. and if you do it  just right ? Its the most fun you can have with your clothes on 🙂

After about 8 years of touring and playing gigs it was time to call it quits. As satisfying an experience as it may be, there comes a time when you have to lay down your headphones. We had heard from fellow colleagues how hard it was to “quit” and walk away from the stage. Because it is a great buzz. But the time had come to let go and we ended our little DJ company at the peak of its career. As we sold of the equipment, mixer boards, lights, truck etc .. I vowed that I would never again take to the stage.  After DYSC (Dynamic Sound Control was the name of our company) I would never touch another fader again, for I would be tempted to take to the stage again.. For it would feed the hunger for more too much.

Thus, years passed and time went on. The DJ scene changed dramatically with the advent of new technology. Making the scene accessible for more people thanks to cheap PC-based technology that could turn anyone with a laptop and a little DJ-console into the next DJ Ti

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The Chernobyl disaster : What happened.

Only 24 years ago, the world barely avoided one of the biggest nuclear disasters at the Nuclear Reactor plant of Chernobyl. To get some more insight in the matter. How did the accident happen ? What series of events led to this calamity ? And how did the people in charge deal with it in the aftermath ? In a completely twitter-ised, web 2.0 hyper – communicative world, the immense cover-up that was deployed by the Russian Government at the time , might seem completely impossible. For that fact alone I invite you to watch this 6-part Youtube series of the BBC Documentary ” Chernobyl : Surviving disaster ” In 60 minutes they take you through the Chernobyl disaster and show you what came afterward. An intriguing story about misplaced secrecy, Blindness to the truth, human agony and .. in the face of danger .. Bravery.. Bravery in the face of certain death, with no chance to defeat it .. Enjoy but beware there is some shocking footage in this documentary.

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Dvd Videosoft : 23 programs will have your media work .. for you.

I don’t often do quick “Download this and you’ll be happy” articles a lot. However today is an exception. A co-worker pointed me to the DVD-VIDEOSOFT suite for the PC. This fantastic piece of freeware is to media-loving geeks, what a Swiss army knife is to Mcgyver. Just a little excerpt of the 23 (!) different applications that are bundled in this golden nugget.

I’ve personally used it many times to download Youtube video’s or convert them to audiobooks and footage I can listen to. Its too bad this little gem is only available on Linux, for I should be willing to send a small puppy into orbit should it also be available on the mac. But until then … Download and enjoy.

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Kc235 "Life in a Browser"

In the first ever LIVE recorded episode of the Knightcast podcast we talk about life in the browser. How can you do as much as possible of your daily internet life , using just a browser. Follow along and get great tips and tricks on sites, services and applications that help you to become hardware, software and operating system independent, by living your life in the cloud.


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The Fortress of Eben Emael.

Many times we say the internet is a
great source for entertainment.
And that, is very true. A site like
youtube houses , without a shadow of a doubt , the greatest collection
of silly-cat-videos known to man. But on the other hand it can also be
an enormous source of information. Throughout the years hours and hours
of informative documentaries have been produced throughout the world and
aired on dozens of television stations. Sometimes only once , sometimes
in endless reruns ( Who is tired of seeing yet another re-airing of
FRIENDS). But the downside of "classic television" is that there it is a
narrow-focused medium targeting only a selection of the worldwide
audience (those who can receive the tv station) and aired during a
specific time. When we look at our internet-centered life these days,
"Location and Time" are irrelevant. On Youtube you can watch just about
anyTHING, anyWHERE, anyTIME. Wether its copy protected material or not,
lets put that discussion aside for an other time.

Todays article
is a little "aggregation" of information about a certain topic I was
interested in. The Fortress of Eben Emael. Located at the very east of
Belgium, near the Dutch border it is the scene where Germany invaded
Belgium during world war two. This "Battle of Eben Emael" proved to be
yet another piece of "proof" to those who say that "unsinkable ships"
can be sunk and "in-impenetrable fortresses" can be penetrated. The
"Plateau van Caestert" where the fortress is located was of extreme
tactical importance for the Belgians before world war 2 begun. With this
massive fort (the largest in Europe at the time) they could defend the
country against the threat of the German invasion. The German army,
ready to invade France, needed to come through Belgium in order to reach
their target. The fortress at Eben Emael was Belgians "spearhead"
against just such an invasion. Capable of blowing up the three main
bridges that lead across the Albert Canal that where vital for German
troops, the fortress was also able to blow the crap out of any boat,
tank or foot-soldier in a 12 mile radius. Completely "entombed" in a
massive chalk rock-face it was also protected by the Canal , an anti-tank
ditch and heavily armed canons. But see for yourself with the power of Google Maps.


View Larger Map


I’ve visited the site many
times and had the pleasure of a tour "inside" this fantastic facility

that was the pride and joy of the Belgian army in the late 1930’s. But
when Germany decided to invade .. it took them 24 hours to conquer the
"impenetrable fortress" at Eben Emael.

To show you the power of
the internet i’ve googled up a fantastic (historic) documentary (its
about 50 minutes) about the fortress and the battle of Eben Emael. Its
made for ‘TV’ and is very accurate and features some of the original
(dare we say ‘user contributed’) video shot by both the Belgian and the
German army at the time. See the COMPLETE SERIES HERE .

But we of course take it a step
. Every so often (I believe once a month) you can have a guided
tour INSIDE the facility. An English speaking visitor made this two-part
video on the tour you receive INSIDE the facility.

And if you
want to get "up close and personal"
with the Topside of the fortress
(and the Willy Wonka-sized guns) you might want to take a peek at the
picture set I shot on the site a few years ago.


Created with Admarket’s flickrSLiDR.


And of
, lets not forget the wikipedia link of the fortress.


there you go, just a little bit of Googling around and tapping into the
power of the internets and before you know it you’ve gone over, round
and INSIDE one of the most impressive WWII sites in my region.

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Ipad Vs Ebook Smackdown on the Nosillacast.

For those who caught Knightcast Episode 34 : Talking Ebook Readers, it might not come as a surprise that I like my Sony PR-505 reader. My “passionate” remarks about the upcoming Ipad have however spiked the ears of Alisson Sheridan, hostess of the Nosillacast Podcast over at Challenged by the princes of podcasting to stand my ground and defend my arguments against Steve Jobs next invention to get filthy rich, I treat you to the IPAD vs EBOOK smackdown that was aired on Nosillacast 254. So enjoy 60+ minutes of verbal clashing between the Princes of Podcasting and yours truely. Grab a seat near the very edge of the “Sheridan Singularity” and watch out for Star Trek references, Ipad-Fanboy Love and Steve Jobs Crapping in a box.


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