Only 24 years ago, the world barely avoided one of the biggest nuclear disasters at the Nuclear Reactor plant of Chernobyl. To get some more insight in the matter. How did the accident happen ? What series of events led to this calamity ? And how did the people in charge deal with it in the aftermath ? In a completely twitter-ised, web 2.0 hyper – communicative world, the immense cover-up that was deployed by the Russian Government at the time , might seem completely impossible. For that fact alone I invite you to watch this 6-part Youtube series of the BBC Documentary ” Chernobyl : Surviving disaster ” In 60 minutes they take you through the Chernobyl disaster and show you what came afterward. An intriguing story about misplaced secrecy, Blindness to the truth, human agony and .. in the face of danger .. Bravery.. Bravery in the face of certain death, with no chance to defeat it .. Enjoy but beware there is some shocking footage in this documentary.

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