For those who caught Knightcast Episode 34 : Talking Ebook Readers, it might not come as a surprise that I like my Sony PR-505 reader. My “passionate” remarks about the upcoming Ipad have however spiked the ears of Alisson Sheridan, hostess of the Nosillacast Podcast over at Challenged by the princes of podcasting to stand my ground and defend my arguments against Steve Jobs next invention to get filthy rich, I treat you to the IPAD vs EBOOK smackdown that was aired on Nosillacast 254. So enjoy 60+ minutes of verbal clashing between the Princes of Podcasting and yours truely. Grab a seat near the very edge of the “Sheridan Singularity” and watch out for Star Trek references, Ipad-Fanboy Love and Steve Jobs Crapping in a box.


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