TGIF : Never mess with a somebody who knows Photoshop.

Mar 25 fans who have been around a loooong looong time (or have been avid listeners of the Aussie Geek Podcast) might remember the famous ‘mega mindy incident’. Although its several years in the past its memory still lives on and has achieved cult status in some parts of the interwebs. Thanx to @the_rooster (Agp) and @theherne (Fan of the Agp, the Knightcast and my very own Nemesis) this memory is kept alive. While @herne and me were having some friendly back and forth banter on twitter about the Apple app store, I poked some friendly jabs at this canadian man of mistery. Too late i remembered one of the most important rules in Cyberspace : Never mess with somebody who knows how to Photoshop .. This was the result !  Have a good weekend everyone ! 

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