This is not a Democracy.

Today my personal blogg takes on a very important role as i use it to officially make a "press statement" following the termination of my contract at Harte Hanks. Before rumours go around like wildfire and my name and reputation are put on the line , I would like to point out just what the

When comes the morning dawn.

As dawn slides its purple cloack over the spires of the city, i sit in silent contemplation and think about the fields of home. Wrapped in a warm blanket of the shards of my nightly dreams I feel at ease and not ready for the world ahead. The city barely sleeps and still the silence

Ice cream Sunday.

Sunday mownin! Aah , the joys of getting up a tad late followed by a splash on the couch with a cappuchino and some great epps of Spongebob Squarepants on the tube. Shower afterwards and enjoy a few moments of quit peace behind the pc. Damn, I know it sounds geeky but this is my

Shifting of the shadows.

I find mysellf in the strangest of moods lately. Somehow whenever the world quiets down around me my thoughts dwindle away and i end up staring into oblivion thinking about the strangest things. When i stepped outside the airconditioned surroundings of the office into the real world, it hit me. Autumn is coming. Slowly but