Like the sands of time slip trough our hands.

Sep 14

Life does goe fast. I have barely felt the beginnig of the week or we are allmost wednesday. Its a busy week, school, work, the company. There's a lot to be done. Yesterday i found this article about setting up a secure connection from my laptop from just about anywhere to my home network. I cant wait to try it out ! And thanks to the fact that Swift pointed some realy cool newsgroups out to me , i am once agian in an 'information rush'. So much data to see , so much to learn. I guess that it is just that that atracts me to this line of life. The prospect of learning something new every single day. Much to learn , much to find out. The only thing to do next is get the bug out of my linux system i installed on my laptop. When i type to much , the keyboard just freezes up :(. And i must say , i LIKE working with my linux distro. I can get just about anything done with it and somehow i like the look and feel better. To bad about the little glitch (have to iron that out). Enough techno babble. The thing that is bothering me is the small amount of time i spend at home these days. During the week i hardly see Saskia anymore. We are both beat when we get home and either i'm off on assignment or i'm off to school. Its too bad. We realy enjoy spending quality time together, and when the weekend comes thats what we try to do. (amids social obligations). Life in the 21"st century is pretty hectic. I do wonder if western civilisation is taking the right course. But outside temperatures are dropping and the autumn slides its gentle sword trough the trees. I snuggle up in my private thoughts and let the world rush by. Happyness is found in the simplest of things. A cup of coffee in the morning. A gentle touch from the person you love. The smile of a stranger and a twinkle in the eye of a new found friend. Its been a while but at last i find mysellf a knight amids the fields of the world again. Confident, alert and allthough the country wind does not blow trough the trees here in urbania, i still find mysellf enjoying the specs on the horizon. I miss my town sometimes but am curious for my new world. Of to apathy my friends, for the warlords of oblivion are beating there own hollow drums.

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