Sunday mownin! Aah , the joys of getting up a tad late followed by a splash on the couch with a cappuchino and some great epps of Spongebob Squarepants on the tube. Shower afterwards and enjoy a few moments of quit peace behind the pc. Damn, I know it sounds geeky but this is my favourite day of the week. Meanwhile me and Swift are still riding the VPN wave updating our knowledge on encripted connections and the possibilities that come with it. The only issue is that I don't have enough time ! Oh well, one does what one can. Went to the fair in Hasselt last night with Nyana. Watched the fireworks and took a good look at the people all around us. Its shocking to see that couples with kids these days are mostly YOUNGER then we are. Just as they drag around a buggy full of screamin' kid we parade along without a worry in the world. Kids are cute , but not to have some of your own. Its amazing how i can look at the world and be amazed at how people look, how they live, what they do. And just realize how different everybody is. I mean , look at kids these days ( and i refer to the 14 to 18 year olds) Man ! They look like they came runnig out of a bloody mtv videclip. The homiez meet the chicka's. I must restrain mysellf from rolling with laughter whenever I see one of those 50-cent wannabee 13 year olds walk by, with an attitute that can blow down a house. I seriously doubt the human race if they really think 'its cool' to look like that. Apparently it is , cauze seconds later a girl dressed in a way that would make Paris Hilton blush approaches our teenage-pimp and chats him up. I presume this is the sign that I am growing old. But no matter. Today its time to start painting our master bedroom. Nice and easy will do the trick. An Ipod full of enya, cappuchino and mousies will do the rest. AND THEN ! yes AND THEN i'm finally gonna get around to RE installing my freshly bought distro of SUSE linux. Yep. I could not resist the temptation yesterday and spent a hundred euro's on 2 dvd's 5cd's and 2 whoppers of books from SUSE linux's proffesional distro. Its allways cool to buy a distro like that (this is actually the third one i bought in the last 3 years). I think it feels like a newyears resolution. 'this year i'm gonna learn linux, and i'm gonna buy the distro to prove it' And the box ends up sitting on the shellf and you turn back to windows. BUT NOT THIS TIME (i hope). So little old me is gonna try stickin to the promise this time. Come to think of it i prefer working with Suse for doin my day to day stuff. Only when i have to configure stuff in command line and leave my mouse behind, i'm lost. But the course we're getting @ school this year tackles Linux so i hope its gonna be a motivation for getting to know 'joe', 'kate' and the dreaded 'VI" (linux technobablle, freaks will understand). We'll im off to my parents place to place and install a 'remote server'. Lozzalove my friends.

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