Tipping point.

There is a point in time where things change, where a balance tips, ever so slightly, from one side to the other. Where a moment in time, even so briefly as a day ago .. seems like an eternity. Where tomorrow becomes today and yesterday becomes a long time ago. Today I feel, is such

Open Source Superheroes.

I take a look at my computer screen and brush my gaze through the myriad of icons on the desktop. Each one representing a file i’m working on, a piece of music I like to listen to, or a picture I made with my digital camera or downloaded somewhere from the internet. Below my menu

R2D2 Iz In Ur SerVah Room !

I have seen one of these little projectors a while ago on the web. A complete R2D2 media system : Very Cool. But these guys have taken it to the next level and pushed the geek factor up a little. The Little ARtoo unit is rigged to their Nagios Server Monitoring software and "alerts the