Great Xbox Commercial.

Jan 31

For the one below I need to thank Sharky who gave me a whole pendrive full of goodies that I will release this week. One of them being this great Xbox commercial. Banned in certain "terrorist-sensitive" countries but still hilarious to watch. If you look at the video with the 9/11 events in the back of your head , its probably not very funny. But if you think back further, to the time you where a kid .. then you will understand this video. They always say the world changed at 9/11 and that is very true. But the world did not BEGIN there. I mean , there was a carefree time before all that. There was an entire history before 9/11 where you could joke about a bom and play cowboys and Indians in your backyard with your friends. So have that image in the back of your head and enjoy this great video.


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Howto : Do Nothing.

Jan 31

nothingThe greatest challenge in a life so close to the edge of real and cyberspace must certainly be : How to relax. How to wind down from all the waves of information constantly washing up on our shores. How to stand back from the chatting crowd on Instant Messaging, from the many emails that need answering, from the hundreds of feeds and bookmarks.

Being plugged into the information age has not made life simpler for us. There is so much more to see, so much more to do, so much more to learn and so many people to talk to. And with contacts all over the globe, the clock never stops. 

And with the whole "content on demand" thing it even gets worse. Where one could throw a brick at the tv when there was nothing on, get up and go to bed, we now no longer have that excuse. Several very interesting Videopodcasts lure at me from my Itunes playlist  still nagging at my brain that I have not watched them yett. 

My Ipod is filled up with a slew of weekly podcasts that need to be heard and on my usb stick several wonderful Ebooks are screaming to be printed and read.

It should have made it all easier. " Watch movies without ever leaving the comfort of your home " now means that we do not have an excuse to go out and do something totally different cause the "video rental store" was closed.  A bitorrent client is another sure thing to build up a lot of content you have acquired but never installed / looked at / listened to. And your feedreader is actually only a device that tells you how many Items you have not read yet.  Even your email client tells you how slack you have been in your social life when it comes to unread emails or the ones you have flagged as "need to answer this one".

 So with all this and more I find it extremely hard to mellow down and relax. I willingly have to force myself to disconnect from any form of communication. Turn Cellphone, computer and IP-TV stuff off and walk upstairs to a segment of the house I purposely held devoid of computers. I take along a cup of tea (MAYBE just my ipod for soothing music) and a good book with a very slow story. I think you could even call this 'meditation for Geeks" but that is how methodical that I have to be if i want to get my "Relaxing" done. Having to plan it, organise it, schedule and outline its boundries is the only way that it can get done. So "doing nothing" is just another thing I have to do.

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Richard Hammonds Crash on Top Gear.

Jan 30

By popular demad (and for all of you who have not seen it yet) i'll post the Crash of Top Gear presenter Richard Hammond. It's all over Youtube, so its right here too. Enjoy the nine minute segment. (until they yank it off Youtube)


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Dual screen setups and another GGP !

Jan 29

ubuntuIt took my quite a while to get it working, but after some research in the Ubuntu Forums I finally found a way to configure my Ubuntu Linux machine for dual screen setup. The one thing I enjoyed the most (except of course the part where it all worked like a charm) was the way I managed to  figure it out for myself. The manual on the forums pointed me in the right direction, but in order to get where I wanted I had to ‘read’ into the code and try to figure out what it meant. After I took a few guesses the graphical shell of my Linux machine died and I had no way of interacting with the machine. I was saved by ‘remote shell access’ which allows me to run a remote command line window from another computer. So it was “tinker-tinker-try” for a while but after a few attempts it worked. The great part was : I learned something new again. I got up to a problem in Linux that challenged me, and instead of copy and pasting every possible howto-configuration and getting quite depressed when it did not work , I figured it out all by myself. Ain’t I great ? (lol)

Of course after that it was time to record the global geek podcast episode 36 !  

ggpThe Global Geek Podcast #036 :: Clippy Does Porn 

Back to our usual format this week after our “How We Do It” Episode last week, we hope you enjoyed that and we are planning on some more special events this year.

This week was a fun show to record and we trust that you enjoy it. This weeks technology news sees Skype users threatened with fines and gaol terms, Microsoft causing 2.6 million users to spit the dummy and how a guy loses weight playing computer games.

We have some great free applications this week such as power toys for photo data editing and syncing files. Some fun software to “grow” a virtual world using the Internet as fertilizer.

Sites and services looks at some powerful search engines to find what you are looking for quickly. A great one ties in with one of our featured Firefox Extensions for this week.


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All you need to do is Click and Run : CNR store goes cross-Distro !

Jan 26

Another piece* of great Linux news to round up the week : Freespire (or Linspire's) CNR store is going to open up its doors to other distributions. Ok, I'll lay of the geekspeak and try to explain. Linspire  ( and its spinoff Freespire) is a Linux distribution made for Windows users. It was meant to LOOK like Windows, and kinda BEHAVE like Windows (except for the blue screens) in order to make it as easy as possible to use for Windows users. 



One of the cool things about this distro was the " CNR "store. ( Click and Run) where you could find additional software (some free, some not) click on it and it would be installed on your system. Now if you where anywhere close to Linux in the last couple of years you know how hard it was to install a program. Download the source code, Unzip it , or “untar”r it , type make install.. watch it fail, feel bad. Go on IRC , ask help, get laughed at by nerds etc.. But with the coming of the CNR store that was a thing of the past.  The downside was : You needed to have Linspire.Well : No more ! Now the CNR store is going to open up its portals to other distributions. Now wether you run Ubuntu, Suse or Fedore, head on over to the CNR and Click – and – Run !The Charts give an overview of the CNR Warehouse which provides users access to over 20,000 desktop Linux products, packages and libraries, all with one click of their mouse. users will use their web browser to search for applications by title, popularity, user rating, category, function, or author. will bring more choices for desktop Linux users to purchase premium products and services, such as legally licensed DVD Players, Sun's StarOffice, Win4Lin Pro, CodeWeavers' CrossoverOffice, TransGaming's Cedega, and support free open source software applications as well.

Installing applications has been more and more of a breeze lately. On Ubuntu,  Just download the .deb packages and double-click them to install, or use the Synaptic package manager to look for software, but the whole CNR deal is just icing on te cake.

* Piece not 'peace' 🙂 .. Thank Phil from NY for the heads up 🙂 

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