How Many Times ?

It can happen to the best of us. To be honest , it will happen MOSTLY to the best of us. Your geeky sunday afternoon is brutally interrupted by a friend / family member / aquantance ringing your doorbell while you just need all your braincell to get through a particularly complex chapter in “the hand of

Do netbooks still have a future ?

My father in law tends to hoard, and when I say hoard, I mean that. His office is filled with clutter that would make a geek think he went to hoarding heaven. Piles of Cd’s Floppy disks, old computers, discarded printers and forgotten laptops. In his prime (before her retired) this man was the ultimate

Getting things done with Wunderlist.

If procrastination was considered an artform, I think us ADD geeks would be considered the very masters. Only we would not have started our artform yett, we would do so tomorrow. First we need to see this video abou this cat on Youtube. As a remedy to this “affliction” we are blessed with, information overloaded

"Yo Nerd" .. is not the way to talk to a geek.

“Hey Nerd !” where the exact words this conversationalist opened up with. Patting me on the shoulder and beaming a broad smile he stumbled into a conversation about technology, that was nothing more then a fluffed up support question. I smiled at him, as he cut through the niceties of his elaboration, sighing quietly inside

Is social Media killing my blogosphere ?

Before you sigh and note that “this is yet another self reflecting belly button staring article about a Blogger pondering the justification of his own activities and writing about ‘writing’ “, let me stop you there. Most of you know, i’m not an ‘active’ blogger, i’m more of an incidental one. So your sigh might

KC254 : "Setting up Amahi".

This week we do a deep-geek-dive into setting up Amahi , A powerful server for the home with the ease of use of a smartphone. Web based interfaces, Point-and-click addition of applications, tons of Geeky functionality : Its all there in Amahi. With a spot of music from Planet Boelex and a recording made ‘on Store : Online !

  With great pride I can announce today that we have at last, aquired our own SHOP on the internet. Many of you have been asking for “official gear” to wear and show of your geekyness on the edge of real and cyberspace. Thanx to community member , nah, lets say community HERO LLoyd