I present to you : the worst fight scene ever.

Sep 20

Browsing the web this week, I came across an article celebrating the 45th anniversary of the original airing of the Star Trek Series. I was amazed at how fast time flies on the one hand ( I must have been traveling faster then light at some point) and how cool the series still are, on the other hand. So many years later then its original airing date, episodes like “The Cage” and “Where no man has gone before” still form the pinnacle of some geeks afternoon, kicking back watching old scifi. Few to no series have ever accomplished that. With the 4th generation of Star Trek Fans taking over the torch from their grandmothers and grandfathers, Star Trek is still very much alive. Even the original series still have compelling storylines and every time I watch them I find new details .. or just enjoy re-watching those classic moments that have slowly distilled into pure popular culture.  I was reminded of just such a scene when we watched the movie PAUL last weekend. Two sci-fi nerds on their roadtrip down the mid-west meet an alien and hilarity ensues. But NOT BEFORE they visit the site at Vasquez Rocks where an epic battle took place .. between Kirk and the Gorn. Dubbed “the worst fight scene in history” (Although the one where he fights Spock to the Death for a woman is also not bad) this lizard vs human brawl is indeed .. pretty terrible. I’ll leave you with the clip so you can judge for yourself. After 45 years its no longer bad .. its Culture ! 🙂


Wikipedia on the ‘arena’ episode.

Wikipedia on Vasquez Rocks

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