Dc206 : "Building a terminal server ".

Aug 11

We all have that  one special super powerfull system in the house that we know and love. With loads of memory, processor power and harddrive space. A very powerful machine thats only using a fraction of that power. How about sharing that power with other people in the house ? Or on your network ? How about turning that system into a Terminal server that can be accessed by friends or family members over your local lan or even the Internet ?  How about having your own ” Graphical Ubuntu Desktop Session ” on your mac, your windows machine , or even a very light Linux machine in the house ? As mentioned in show kc0037 this is the “howto” on building your own terminal server starting out from a plain Ubuntu system. In 20 simple steps, you’ll be up and running.



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On the Edge of real and Cyberspace .. Things are not going very fast.

Aug 06

On the edge of real and Cyberspace .. there is one place you can go. Unfortunately you aren

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Kc241 : "Narrowcasting".

Aug 03

In show 41 we have more Questions then answers as we wonder out loud what it would take to build a “narrowcasting” system. What would it take to construct a computer system that provides us with the information WHICH we need, WHEN we need it , Where we need it. How about building your own version of HALL 9000 to provide you with the weather, the headlines in the news, your calendar and more in the morning, and show you the TV programs that are on in the evening. Using open source technology we take a closer look at “Narrowcasting”.


  • Intro
  • A “Demolition man” batchroom.
  • Your personal Hal 9000
  • What would it take
  • What information do you need to display
  • What should it look like.
  • Anything, Anywhere, Anyhow.
  • The technology behind it all.
  • L.A.M.P.
  • Joomla
  • the SAY command on your Mac.
  • Crontab.
  • Feedback by Mr Gadgets
  • Signoff
  • Sponsored by ZOOGUE Ipad Cases. www.zoogue.com

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Live Recording : KC241 : Narrowcasting

Aug 01

With Twitter on the Fritz for the entire duration of this recording, we did not have a PACKED chatroom, but the quality (and the level of entertainment) was very very high. Check out the live recording of KC0041 , “Narrowcasting”. Standby for the podcast to follow later on this week.

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