KWTV226 : "Red-eye Tablet Review".

We get up at the very crack of dawn to take a good hard look at two interesting Android Tablets that are currently hitting the market and arrive to the  conclusion that the Android Tablets are finally among us. Comparing functionality to form, software, hardware, specs and specials for every model we peer closer at the Samsung Galaxy Tab II and the HTC flyer. Enjoy our red-eye review of two of the more interesting android tabs on the market.



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Dc210 : "When Knights go dark"

We start off the post summer season with a new addition to the feeds :Every wednesday we will try to drop the ‘article of the week’ into the feed so all of you tablet or ebook reading or tablet owning fans. (Don’t worry , if you have a PDF reader on your pc you can enjoy the article just the same) In our first episode we delve into the mind of two overconnected cybergeeks who dive offline for a week in the south of France. What does the disconnection from the world wide web mean for somebody living on the edge of real and cyberspace.

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