Cloning Babiez.

Just a quick shot of reinstalling our macbook using the "transfer file and settings" tool in Leopard installer. A quick fireWire connection and some patience was all it took. And why have a computer room if you can do it on the kitchen counter.   Related PostsNo Related Posts

How low can you go. Day one.

The beginning is a delicate time. So says the princess at the beginning of the Dune movie. And some truth can be found in that statement. Yesterday I treaded carefully into a delicate beginning when I went looking for a linux distribution to install on my ten year old Toshiba Satellite for our little “how

Change is the only constant.

I seldom, or never blog about work. That is a cardinal rule that one must uphold. The stupidity of yapping about internal company squables on a noobies blog are as infinitely stupid as the repercussions they will have. I’m a little bit older and wiser then that. But one can sometimes reveal something about ones

Twitter is erm … twitter.

My first encounter with Twitter was when I was still a co-host at the Global Geek Podcast. This small time microblogging application was, back then, nothing more the a promising start up without a business model to support it. Twitter was one of these fabs that seamed to overwhelm / overtake peoples minds who would

YAFLB : Yet another free linux book.

Seems that FREE LINUX BOOKS are becoming a trend these days. The immensly popular book "Ubuntu Kung Fu" features a lot of cool Ubuntu Hacks,but unfortunately its not free. (you can get it from any good bookstore, so go on over to Amazon or something) But today we bring you yet ANOTHER free linux book

Small town meets Cyberspace

One of the great things I had mentioned about Facebook is that it allows me to meet up with old friends. Ever since we "took to the net" most of our friends and contacts have been a mostly English speaking, internationally oriented posse. Spread wide over the big blue ball and located in more timezones

Permanent connectivity

The one thing I have been pondering about for quite some time now is  whether or not I am going to get myself one of these "inernet everywhere" modems for my Netbook. "Internet Everywhere" is a umts/3G  product offered by our cellphone carrier mobistar, allowing you to hook  up your laptop to the cellphone grid

Meeting Mattoid.

The world on the internet is a big place, and yet sometimes its also a very small place. Take for example today. Somewhere out in the interwebs somebody was reading along the "feisty for the family" series I had written a few months ago. Via the feedback form I got a little email asking for

How to properly use Time machine

“Time machine” No its not one of those blue boxes that let you zip around the galaxy and go back to kick young Steve Ballmer in the crotch just before he goes to the prom. What I’m referring to is one of those inventions by Apple who touts to be the ultimate Valhalla for your

Come to me ..

Come to me …. Precious silence unveil your wings surround me with your satin curtains drown out the noise and blow away my raving thoughts of madness Sweet serenity come sit by me and take me in your arms feed me the nectar of your motionless movement and immerse me in the silent symphony of