Kc220 "How about some Support"

Feb 15

In this episode we show you how to support the computers of your friends and family. From managing your own lines of communication, to fixing the system, keeping it clean and pushing the data of the user into the cloud.


  • Time stamp
  • Introduction, KWTV now downloadable and in the feeds.
  • Managing your Communications.
    • Direct vs Indirect communications.
    • Firewalling your Life
    • Managing your communication channels.
  • Giving support to friends, family or customers.
    • Making an Image with MACRIUMFREE.
    • Setting your own rules and regulations before you start.
  • Getting the system Lean.
    • Defragmentation, Scandisk, Msconfig , moving the swapfile and increasing performance.
  • Getting the system Clean.
  • Making the system Mean.
    • Use “safe alternatives”
  • Let the system take care of itself
  • Protect the system from the User.
    • Move the Data into the cloud.
  • Remote support.
  • Music : “Coldest Point” from “Escapism EP” (Sounderground Records)

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