Working with DYNDNS to access your server remotely.

Feb 17

With the whole medium of “video” becoming popular and available on the internet, its truly a feast if you need to “explain” how something is done. Sure with the KWTV screencasts we are doing just that, but sometimes you don’t realy have to re-invent the fire. Browsing around with MIRO yesterday, i stumbled on this wonderful video on setting up a DYNDNS account and accesing your machine from anywhere, even if you get a dynamic IP address from your ISP.

This little video is a perfect companion to the KWTV 008 and 009 episodes on setting up your own linux server. So if you are following these episodes, make sure to watch this great episode from these guys from systm on setting up your own DYNDNS account so you can access your server from anywhere. Enjoy.

Link to the Video

Link to the Systm Website.


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