For those of you who still can’t get enough from this weekly avalanche of content : I have exceptional good news for you. Head on over to the Nosillacast Podcast over at for the latest episode where both me AND Nyana got to be a guest on Allison Sheridans latest podcast. We had a blast talking to Allison and yapped away about all things technology, A Ubuntu
loving Grandmother, and what it is like to be married to a geek. If you
are tired of me blabbing, there are 2 wonderful ladies in that
interview ( The lovely Allison Sheridan and our very own Nyana) who make the show more then interesting and compensate for ‘the knight you know’. As far as I know this is Nyana’s podcasting debut as an interviewee so if you want to get the scoop: get on over to and tune in .

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