My week in Tech.

Its been quite a busy week this week with quite a bit going on, so I’ll just try to list up whats going down. Triple dose of Coincidentally (or via devine intervention) those who would like to get their dose of Knightwise every week, might find out that they can OVERDOSE this week. Recently

The CLI is a Tool !

For some the command line interface is a dreadful place. It is a large black box that stares at them, forming some kind of singularity iside there computer screen. A black hole that sucks up their confidence and renders there mouse pointer obsolete and spews fountains of doubt. When you think of the people who

Five Links for the day.

Just a quick roundup of some nice links I spotted in my Feedreader the last few days. Some of you might find an interesting item among them. 14 great Cheat Sheets For common apps. LINK Aside from being almost unpronouncable these 14 Cheat Sheets help you out when you quickly need to reference functionality in

My Week in Tech.

No no, don’t worry. I’m not going to jabber away about Leo Laporte’s podcast and how I think it is the longest, most ego-bloated audio-file in existence. I’ll leave that up to another post. But in the spirit of " blogging about daily life and mixing it in with technology " I thought it would