Today I would like to share a wonderfull story with you from the audo podcast "Escape Pod". Escape pod features a weekly short-sci-fi story from various authors read by a variety of people. Some of you may remember the story about the "masks" I linked to a couple of days ago, because it was so wel read. Today I would like to point you to the great tale of "Boyfriend’ by Madeline Ashbey.

Not because its a nice story, i mean .. it is, but because it paints a very realistic future of where technology could be going and how it will impact our lives. I’m not going to spoil the cake by telling you the plot, I implore you to be patient and listen to the story yourself. Why ? Because I think it is right up your alley. If you like the way of looking at how ‘technology should work for you’ you are going to love " Boyfriend ". As an after note I want you to know I have been doing some thinking about this little tale and the future it projects.

I am unsure to be afraid or drawn towards a future where stories like "Boyfriend" become reality. Somehow we cannot have our cake and eat it. Cannot embrace technology without losing something of the "real world" around us. You can chat for hours with a wonderful person on the other side of the planet, but miss the sunset in your own back yard. You might spend a fulfilling life in cyberspace (if there is such a thing) but your next door neighbor might not recognize you on your obituary because you never spoke. It makes us wonder what technology can give us .. and what we need to give up in return.

Curious ? well .. "Its Storytime" : LINK

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