Hey ! For those of you who thought I was dead and buried, well you are
wrong (luckily)
I’m still here, it just took me a while to finally find
the time (and the inspiration) to post another entry on the website.
Its a disgrace actually , me slacking of like this  in posting new
content , while other bloggers post once or even twice a day. And when
you think of it : excuses like "i don’t have the time" or "I don’t have
anything to say" hardly float anymore. But for some strange reason,
firing up the Joomla interface and rattling out a post is "postponed" and "procrastinated" or the post that "seemed like a good idea" is discarded as "mEh, I’ll write about something else next time". Too bad actually. Now i"ve
been looking into a "reason" for this blogging behaviour of mine and ..
its not that I don’t have anything to say, nor am I THAT cramped for
time that I don’t get around to typing up 20 lines or so .. the reason
lies 2 little applications/websites (these days its getting harder and
harder to tell the difference).: Twitter and Facebook.

They may be 2 great social websites
(and for me crucial links to my online and offline possé) but they are the "premature release valve" to any creative spurts I might have. Let me explain. The Knightwise.Com
website mostly deals with life on the edge of real and cyberspace. It
talks about our daily life and how we use technology in that daily
routine. Thus you get a little bit of a mix between a technology blog
and a soapOprah. ( Perhaps not a soap Oprah, but a docu-soap). At least : that was the original intention. But with the advent of Twitter and Facebook, things have kinda gone awry. First of all there is Twitter, this devlish little application that lets you "speed blog" your way through the day. Where shooting an entire blogpost
about a great site/app/tool/hack one found, might be time consuming,
popping the link into Twitter is darn fast and clean. But when you do
that . you "release" your creative urge to post something on the site
(cause , quite frankly , you just blurted it out on Twitter). Same
thing with stuff that has been going on during the day. While the
accumulation of daily events ( from re-discovering google reader to aejaculating soda bottle) might account for a fairly interesting blogpost, the fact that you "tweet" all these events ‘as they happen’ decimates the whole content so there is nothing left.

Same thing with Facebook: More and more my Facebook
friends are becoming this strange mix between fans of the show (and the
website), people from my "online" posse AND people from meatspace. And since my tweets get cross posted to Facebook,
they also pick up on whats going on with me and shoot comments back and
forth.  So a lot of things that are going on in my daily life ‘mostly
the "docu-soap" part are covered in my Facebook-profile, further deminishing the content that flows to the website.

And the convenience of using Twitter and Facebook
cannot be under-estimated.
Quick posts / snappy tweets .. its all so
fast an convenient. I can understand why some people just "aggregate"
the content they post on several online sites to one "Tumblr"
blog or something like that. Its a lot faster and more convenient then
a real "blog", but on the other hand.. it does take out a lot of the
creativity. You can only rant for 120 characters in a Tweet, and no-one
is going to take the time to sit down and READ through your 500-word
article on Facebook. We might have speed and convenience with these services, but the content is becoming more and more shallow by the day.

So : I have a little question for you guys. What would you like to see more on the Knightwise.com website (except of course for the podcasts, KWTV episodes and Docu-Casts) Would you like to have a daily article about "what i’ve been up to" ? Consider that fact that I might just write about watching Torchwood and curling up on the couch with Nyana
the other night. I might be a serious geek but even I spend an evening
reading a book or painting a wall sometimes. There might be a nice tech
tip in these posts ,so you never know.
Or does your preference go
to in depth articles about technology where I post less frequently but
do more of a how-to or something ? I’m all ears 🙂

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