A nice evening at home. Some people think I'm behind the computer all day and all night. Well .. I'm not. I do enjoy occasional evenings at home where the computer is nothing more then a slight humming noise in the background. Or in yesterdays case : the source of romatic chilled down music. As droodles from the Itunes visualiser filled the screen of Nyana's Mac mini… we chilled out, listened to music .. took some candles and had a wonderfull evening together. And with the digital camera at hand I was able to shoot of this wonderfull picture of Nyana in all her innocent delicate beauty. Sometimes you realy realy KNOW you are the luckiest guy alive and that there is more to life then the cutting edge of real and cyberspace….

BUT 🙂 … This story sounded awefully familiar. :

The IT Superhero. "A gentle warning to young or up-and-coming IT professionals: keep your professional identity a secret! Guard your privacy like a superhero, because before you can say "what do you mean reboot?", you'll be the neighborhood troubleshooter, constantly on call to save the day." Read up on this great article about a Linux programmer mestaken for the Microsoft computer messias every day… As an IT consultant mysellf .. this is hilariously familiar.
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