5 Random tech links.

Jan 12

Just before I'm off to work .. a few links to keep you guyz and girls occupied today.

  • Star wars the movie AT WORK ! *

What would you think about watching STAR WARS a new hope AT WORK on a 468 pc ?
you can ! Just open your dos box (or if you are on mac or linux , your command shell) and type this one in : telnet towel.blinkenlights.nl

Its hilarious !

  • 25 reasons for open source*

A pretty boring article .. but full of nice info is THIS one.

If you are ever conered into a open source argument : here are 25 arguments to help your case.

  • Windows security for deadbeats.

Perhaps i'm gonna do a podcast about this one but its very worth the read anyway . Sick and tired of having to explain to end users how to de-spyware / and virusclean their pc's ? Here is the basic Windows security guide for computer dumbo's !

  • *The Google Pack*

And for those of you who want some nice free software : Google has released the GOOGLE PACK ! You know how we love the freeware / open source stuff check out the list of free tools : Google Pack

  • *ultimate boot cd*

And to round it all up : Download this baby , burn it , and put it in the glove compartment of your car : cause you never know when you might need it: The ultimate boot cd is a selection of tools to fix that broken pc ! Ultimate Boot Cd

  • Comments!

    Thanks for linking to GeeksAreSexy..
    Btw, if you liked UBCD, you might also want to have a look at ubcd4win.
    Have a great day! Kiltak

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