Intell in a mac ? Yeah .. when piggs can fly. And apparently .. they can. At seven PM local time I was following the live (typed) report of the first Apple Keynote for 2005 when this picture popped up onto my screen. I mean .. I knew there where going to be some new things out .. I knew we where going to have powerbooks (excuse me MACbooks) with intell chips .. but THIS picture .. I had never thought I would see. So yesterday I was a part of history . Reading the events as they happened I was at the ‘front row’ of the switch from Apple to Intell as Microsofts beloved Xbox 360 runs on Motorola chips.. Its a fucked up world. Yeahyeah .. Mac released some cool new software .. some new ipod gadgets and a dream of a MACBOOK with an Intell Processor. Now I have been dreaming of a Powerbook for about a year now .. and still no luck because they are too expensive. Along comes the macbook and its even MORE expensive !!!!! Frack !!!! Oh well .. time will tell what this year will bring. I’m gonna wait it out a little and see what happens to the second hand market of powerbooks.. Perhaps i’ll buy me one of those.

Following up on yesterdays post : I had barely finished the show when THIS popped along :

The ultimate Ipod Video Guide

Hope you enjoy.

AAAAND : Bart Baus sent in some more links too.
[ ]

-iPodwizard (Fonts, graphics and tekst on your iPod.) [ ]

-iHack (change the sysinfo of an iPod, to trick the iPod Updater into thinking that it needed an update. This is useful so that a full restore isn’t
required when applying modified firmware, and so saves a lot of time.(comes with iPodwizard))

-SharePod (sort of p2p program to share the songs on your ipod with a friend ) [ Programs&Page=SharePod ]

-iPodlibrary (putting .txt files on your pod) [ Programs&Page=iPodLibrary ]

-Plugin for winamp (using winamp to transfer music to your pod and music to your pc) [ ]

-GoPod (for uncapping volume) [ ]

-iPod Agent (reading RSS feeds, viewing email, appointments, contact, tasks, notes,weather forecasts. Lets you download songs off you iPod. )
[ ][ ]

-iStory Creator (make your own ipod text games) [ ]

-Pod Player (play music thats on your pod with your pc(you can put it on your ipod and launch it from there)) [ ]

-GoogleGet (gets the latest news from [ ]

-iRemote (skin yor itunes interface) [ ]

-CopyPod (copy songs from your iPod to your PC (winamp does the same)) [ ]

-Anapod Explorer (a lot of functions!!! Trail Version (runs on win98) [ ]

-EphPod (lot of functions(transfer songs,latest news, weather, e-books, contacts, movie listings)) [ ]

-iAppoint (transfer your outlook calendar to your iPod) [ ]

-iDirectionz(store simple driving directions on your iPod) [ ]

-iPod music liberator (Like CopyPod and winamp… i prefer winamp btw) [ ]

-iPodsync (sync your iPod with your outlook contacts and calendar) [ ]

-K-Pod (sync your email inbox with your iPod) [ ]

-MyPod (manage mp3 and playlists and sync them to your iPod) [ ]

-Palm2iPod (transfer your calendar and contacts from your palm to your iPod) [ ]

-PodSecret (store encrypted files on you iPod ) [ ]

-Podutil (Like CopyPod, iPod music liberator and Winamp… ) [ ]

-XPlay (a lot of functions, including wma to mp3 convert) [ ]

-Yamipod 0.90 (YamiPod is a freeware application to efficiently manage your iPod under Mac OS X, Windows and Linux.
(Needs no installation and can be run directly from your iPod.)
[ ]

Enough for today .. on with life as we know it.

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