Promo Toolkit

Yup! You found the Promo Toolkit. Here you’ll find some banners, audio bumpers and other miscellaneous bits. If you think you need a different banner (size or format) just give us a shout-out.

The same for audio┬ábumpers! Just let us know if you want something different. You ask… we deliver.


[tabs slidertype=”left tabs” auto=”off”] [tabcontainer] [tabtext] Banners [/tabtext] [tabtext] Audio bumpers [/tabtext] [tabtext] Vcard [/tabtext] [tabtext] Wallpapers [/tabtext] [/tabcontainer] [tabcontent] [tab]

220 x 220 px | png | 37 KB

185 x 57 px | png | 12 KB

220 x 485 px | png | 140 KB

1000 x 1000 px | pdf | 283 KB


[/tab] [tab]

[/tab] [tab]

vector | pdf | 122 KB

[/tab] [tab]

A plethora of wallpapers can be found here


[/tabcontent] [/tabs]

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