KW1607 – Conquering the Command Line

A quick mini-podcast this week inspired by the community and a discussion over on the Discord. LINKS Wijngaardbos Henis Midnight Commander NC Spot Castero NewsBoat RainbowStream IRSSI Libera.Chat Joplin CLI DISCORD The action is happening over at our Discord server: Join by clicking this link CREDITS Music: Drop it Like It’s Spock by KFaceTV

KW1002 Storytime

This week’s edition of the podcast brings another installment of Storytime. Sit back and relax to some tunes selected by the Cyberpunk Librarian, Daniel Messer, and two stories from the archives: “Offline” and “When Wanting is More Pleasing than Having”. Links When Wanting is More Pleasing than Having (original article) Amok Time (Wikipedia) Music